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Kill the Plumber World Tips, Cheats & Hints: 4 Tricks You Need to Know

Kill the Plumber World is a fantastic new Android and iOS platformer from Keybol, and it also happens to be a multi-awarded one. For instance, it nabbed the Excellence in Design award at the Independent Games Festival China expo in 2015, and also won as couple awards at the ICT Creative Awards. You can think of this game as a Bizarro World version of the Super Mario series; instead of playing as Mario and/or Luigi, you’re playing as the plumber’s enemies and trying to kill him. The script has been flipped, and yes indeed, you’re out to get the plumber in red and blue, clearly on the other side of the fence with the option to play as a “jumpless minion, a stomper, (or) a ghost.” But this time, the plumber is more powerful than Mario and Luigi ever were, as he can throw fireballs, become invincible, or even fly and swim.

Playing as the plumber is one thing, but what about if you’re one of the bad guys? It’s not as straightforward as it seems at all times, but that’s the reason we’ve brought you some Kill the Plumber World tips and tricks.

1. You Can Actually Beat The AI If You’re Patient

Compared to Nintendo’s Super Mario games, Kill the Plumber World’s AI isn’t that intelligent. Sure, it may seem daunting at first, given the reversal of roles, but if you be patient and monitor the plumber’s behavior, you’ll realize that the AI isn’t too hard a nut to crack after all. If you motion toward him as a walking mushroom, he’ll jump over you. He’ll take a few moments before going underneath a raised Thwomp. That helps him stay alive like you did back when you were playing as Mario or Luigi, but in this instance, his actions tend to follow similar, if not exactly the same patterns.

2. Try To Fool The Plumber Into Jumping Over You

One of the things you can do in Kill the Plumber World, aside from doing what the game tells you to do, is to try beating your own record time. One neat trick to help you with that would be to fool the plumber into making an ill-timed leap over your character.

3. How To Become Invincible

One of the Mario and Luigi’s abilities is to become invincible for a certain period of time. The eponymous plumber in Kill the Plumber World can become invincible too, and will start certain stages with that power. However, what the game’s makers didn’t tell you in the description is that there is no definite time for the plumber’s invincibility to wear off. Yes, he can be invincible for quite a long period of time, but thankfully, there is a way around that.

In stages where you’re dealing with an invincible plumber, collect all the green coins. Once you reach a certain amount, the plumber will lose this special power.

4. Make Use Of The Static Background

This game has a static background in all its stages, but that’s not actually a bad thing. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself in over your head with all the plumber is trying to throw at you, and you’ll get killed at some point. If you believe the end may be near, or if you’ve just gotten killed, make mental notes of the background so you can refine your approach the next time you play the level.

These would be our tips and tricks for Keybol’s new mobile game, Kill the Plumber World. We will update this guide with more hints in the future, so stay tuned for updates!