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Arcane Knight Tips, Tricks & Cheats for Longer Runs and More Kills

Arcane Knight is a mounted combat challenge for iOS and Android, and while it may seem like an RPG at heart, one set in medieval times, it is actually more of an endless runner with simpler mechanics than what you may expect. Swinging your sword is as simple as “tap, swipe, and release,” though you would need to angle and time it properly based on where your enemy is located. You’ll face different types of enemies in this brand new Corvus Games title – usually the types you’d add to your team of heroes, such as mages, pikemen, spearmen, and more. And you will also need to tweak your sword-swinging based on these enemies’ behavior. Will they come at you with ranged attacks, cast a spell, or go close-contact for a melee attack? You can also improve you character’s stats along the way.

Yes, we’ve established that this is a considerably simpler game than your run-of-the-mill medieval-based game. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy for you, especially if you’re just starting on your journey. We suggest reading these Arcane Knight tips and tricks before playing the game, but if you’ve already been playing, we still advise you to check it out, as you may learn a few new things worth trying.

1. Fast And Furious Does It When Stringing Combos Together

When attacking enemies in Arcane Knight, you have to be quick about it – no dilly-dallying, you have to be supremely focused. But that’s not just because you’re fighting for your life against these bad guys. The reason you want to kill enemies quickly is because of the combo bonus. Kill one enemy and kill another right after and it begins. Your combo bonus increases the coins you can earn per kill, but once the bar runs out, everything goes back to normal, before your next kill refills it once again.

2. Complete Achievements For More Gold

Aside from stringing together kill combos, you can earn coins by completing achievements. These achievements can be viewed prior to beginning one of your runs, and completing them won’t just earn you precious gold. In some cases, you can earn gems, which are the game’s premium currency and used to level up your knight’s statistics and spells.

3. You Might Also Want To Use Your Bow

Although the game’s description talks about how you can swing your sword, you can also use your bow as an alternate weapon. In fact, it might even be better to use it as your primary weapon. Tap the right way and tap accurately so you can take out enemies from a great distance; if you’re quick enough, you can kill those enemies before they’re close enough to hit you. The bow is also especially helpful if you’re dealing with horse-riding enemies with armor. You might not be too accurate at first and your arrows may be pretty weak, but it’s nothing a little practice couldn’t fix.

4. You Can Do Magic

We’re not quoting song lyrics here, because you really can do magic in this game. For starters, you’ll be using the green absorption shield, and when you activate it, that will allow you to be impervious to damage for a few seconds. While your shield will recharge automatically, you can recharge it manually if you collect a green magic orb; check the right side of your screen to see how much your shield is charged. Make sure to use the shield as often as possible early on in the game, as your knight will still be very much on the weak side when you’re just starting.

5. Use Different Forms Of Magic As Well

Your initial bread and butter when it comes to your spells would be your green absorption shield, but once you’ve improved your stats sufficiently, you can use your gems to unlock magic spells. Like your shield automatically regenerates, so do your spells, and you can choose from a list of spells and make one of the newer ones your new default once your mana is completely charged. Yes, the shield is an old reliable, but there are others that are very helpful, especially the Heal spell, which could definitely help you last longer.

6. Which Stats Should You Upgrade?

As we said, gems can be used to upgrade your character’s stats and make him better. These gems can be used toward your base stats, which result in a higher armor rating, faster mana regeneration, and more importantly, more health points. You can also use gems to unlock magic spells, but we recommend upgrading the base stats first. Your fighter will start out quite weak, and he’ll need all the points he can get early on.

7. Aim For The Head When In Melee

Fighting in close contact is all well and good, if you prefer to play the game that way. So if that’s how you prefer to play Arcane Knight, we would advise going for a head shot – by that, of course, we mean decapitating your enemies. This also takes practice, but with the right angle and the right timing, you can take the head right off any given enemy you’re fighting in close quarters. Bear in mind that this is quite difficult to pull off, but if you practice long and hard enough and do it with the right angle/timing, you’ll instantly kill any and all enemies.