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Soul Destiny: Beautiful Open-World MMORPG Now Available for Pre-Registration

Upcoming open-world MMORPG from Eyougame, Soul Destiny boasts not only a rich visual experience but also immersive sound effects that will make players crave for more!

Featuring an epic fantasy world, Soul Destiny challenges players to explore and find their soul mates. As a unique feature worth mentioning, Soul Destiny gives players the opportunity to fall in love and have in-game offspring.

soul destiny features

Up to this moment, only 2 hero classes have been disclosed: Hero and Heroine. However, more classes are likely to be added. Both the Hero and the Heroine are master swordsman. However, there is a difference between them: the Hero comes with the fire trait, while the Heroine comes with the ice trait.

Promising to deliver various types of thrilling PvP matches, players will be able to enjoy the Tri-War. In this type of match, a camp formed by 10 players will compete against other 2 camps and try to come out victorious. God War is another type of match in which players compete in 1v1 rank duels.

soul destiny pre-registration

Though there is no official launch date, Soul Destiny is already open for pre-registration. Sounds like a game you might enjoy? Then make sure to keep up with the latest updates on the game’s official website. If specific pre-registration milestones are met, players with be rewarded with a wide range of useful in-game items. You can pre-register and check out the milestones and rewards here!