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Soda World Tips, Cheats & Hints for Managing Your Soda Company

Soda World may sound like one of those dime-a-dozen Match 3 games, but it’s actually a new mobile title from Soulgame, where you will be managing your own soda company. You’ll be making and marketing all the common stuff – lemon soda, cherry soda, peach soda – as well as some rather peculiar choices that you just can’t find in the grocery store in real life. That’s why Soulgame emphasizes that running a soda company can be fun and a bit strange, but at the end of the day, you want to satisfy your customers and give them what they want. Of course, you’ll need to take care of your warehouse, upgrade your equipment, and “enjoy a few celebrations” as you keep on playing and keep expanding your business to other countries.

As you may find out eventually, it’s no small task to run a soda company. You’ve got customers to please, lots and lots of soda to bottle, and a fair share of challenges and unusual situations to take care of. But we can help you through those tough times with a couple of Soda World tips, tricks and cheats, mainly designed for beginners, but also including a few tips experienced gamers can try out for themselves.

1. What Can You Do When Your Soda Machine Overheats?

Producing lots of soda could take its toll on your soda machine, and there will be times when it will overheat. But you don’t need to push the panic button if that happens, as there are some things you can do if you don’t have the patience to wait until the machine has cooled down. You can watch ad videos by tapping on the thermometer icon; watch one 30-second clip and the machine will cool down immediately. You also have the option to buy a day without cool-down times for $1.99 per day, or pay diamonds, which are the game’s premium currency. The second option is only advisable if you’ve got real-life money to burn, while the third shouldn’t be an option at all, as we have never been fans of paying premium currency to skip or speed up wait times.

2. Prioritize The Construction Of Buildings

The main thing you want to focus on in this game is constructing more buildings, as that brings more people to your country, and more potential buyers for your soda. Sure, the soda machine, flavor, and other R&D upgrades are important, but you should pay more attention to the fundamentals, and construct more buildings. Fulfill more customer wishes, as that’s going to convince these customers to spread the good word and bring more people to your country and your soda company.

3. Try This Easy Trick To Boost Your Soda Sales

Need more soda sales? You can try this quick and simple trick to give your soda sales a shot in the arm. Head to the construction menu, build the suggested building or go for the suggested upgrade, close the menu, and return to the construction menu to repeat the process. Keep on doing this until you’re out of money, as each of the buildings are connected with a wish, and as you may have noticed, wishes are the main mechanic in Soda World. And going back to why this trick is so effective, consider this: even if the wish has not been mentioned by one of the country’s citizens, the wish will be marked as completed on the wish list.

4. Here’s Another Reason Why You Should Keep Watching Ads

Aside from watching ads to cool down your soda machine, you can watch advertisements for free coins, free diamonds, or a power-up, should the game ask you if you want to watch a video. Since we haven’t talked about power-ups yet, here’s what they can do.

The hourglass power-up works by giving you money and hearts automatically. The alien ship automatically fills up all your vending machines. And lastly, the robotic arm stocks up your warehouse with soda. These are all useful power-ups, so watch those ad videos and there’s no way you can lose with the power-ups you may get.

5. Earn More Coins By Celebrating

Once you’ve got multiple territories active, you can go back to your most populous country to take part in celebrations. These celebrations reward you with the most possible coins, so make sure you go back to that country whenever you an. Your wish quests for a given country will also focus mainly on soda celebrations, once you fully construct all the buildings required in that country.