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Big Bang Racing Tips, Cheats & Guide: How to Win More Races

Want a racing game where competition with “real” players is the main selling point, instead of a feature that takes a backseat to story mode? You’re probably looking for a title like Big Bang Racing. This is an exciting new mobile game from Traplight where you can challenge players from all over the world in races, and choose from “tens of thousands” of user-created levels. Unlike games like the CSR series where you’ve got tons of cars to choose from and unlock, Traplight keeps it simple here, allowing you just two vehicles to choose from – a dirtbike and an off-road car. As hinted at above, you can create your own tracks and share them, collect upgrades and treasures, customize your character, and team up with other real-life players to compete against other teams in season mode.

This physics-based racing game is the perfect combination of no-frills gameplay and a strong social element, so if simplicity and social gaming appeals to you, you should, by all means, give this game a try. But before you do that, we suggest you read these Big Bang Racing tips and tricks, for a better chance of winning more races.

1. Be Careful About Hitting Your Head

As the type of racing in this game is off-road racing, you can expect to do a lot of flipping around in your bike or car – we’ll get to the flipping part in greater detail in a little bit. And with flipping comes a bigger chance of hitting your head if you come down the wrong way. If this happens the first time, your hat or helmet will disappear, leaving your head completely exposed. Naturally, hitting your head a second time will end your run, with your neck snapping to signify that your character has, well, bit the dust. So with that in mind, be careful when doing those flips, and take care not to get hit by the objects that may drop down on you in some of the levels.

2. Do As Many Flips As Possible

Another thing you should discover early on is that your wheels will light up if you do a full flip while in the air. That will then give you a speed boost once you hit the ground, allowing you to breeze past your opponents, or catch up if you had fallen behind. That means you should go for the flip as often as possible while your vehicle is in the air, though you should be absolutely sure you can clear the jump, as your starting vehicle tends to move very slowly while airborne.

3. Earn Gems By Playing The Floating Levels

The folks behind Big Bang Racing are very big on community – it’s obvious in their game description as well as our summary of it, as seen above. New player-created levels will float in the sky, and will be represented by a purple gem. Now gems are the game’s premium currency, so if you want to earn more of them, you should support the Big Bang Racing community and play those all-new player-created levels. Take note, however, that you won’t get one whole gem after playing those levels. Instead of the usual map pieces and coins, these new levels will reward you with gem shards. These can either be mini-shards, which are equivalent to one-hundredths of a gem, as well big shards, which take up one-fourth of a gem.

4. Keep Your Vehicle Constantly Upgraded

If you want to keep up with the rest of the pack, you should always make sure your vehicle is getting upgraded on a regular basis. That will make your vehicles go faster, so upgrade those components whenever you can. This will apply even if you don’t have any new components showing up in the chests, as you can work on the ones you already have and improve your vehicle that way. Just as long as you’re making it a point to keep your vehicle up to speed, you should be set regardless of the game mode you prefer.

5. Open As Many Chests As Possible

Speaking of chests, you can get an Adventure Chest by collecting a given number of map pieces. Map pieces, in case you’re wondering, can be collected by beating regular trial levels, which give you up to three pieces per level. As for the Adventure Chests, they come with upgrade parts and gems, though the catch here is that you have to wait for a certain period of time before you’re able to open the chest – usually this would be about an hour’s wait, so you can use the dead time by playing different modes.

Aside from the Adventure Chests, you can also open Racing Chests, which will be available for each four medals you earn in league races. That too will require you to wait about an hour before opening, so if you’ve got a Racing Chest waiting to open, you can switch to the trial levels while passing the time away.

These would be our tips and tricks for Big Bang Racing. Do you know other hints for the game that help you win more races? Let us know in the comment section below!