soda dungeon dinner boy cheat

Soda Dungeon Guide & Cheats to Get Dinner Boy, Fork and Bib

You’re probably well-versed with Soda Dungeon by now; it’s that exciting dungeon-crawling game that has added a new and unique twist to the genre with its quirky sense of humor and unusual premise. Armor Games has indeed made things quite interesting in a genre where many games tend to be extremely similar to each other, and since we too are impressed with this game, that’s partly the reason why we’ve given you quite a few tips and tricks lists for Soda Dungeon so far.

Another reason is that this game offers quite a rich experience, with so much to learn. It also comes with a secret character called the Dinner Boy, who has two secret items of his own, the Fork and the Bib. But what’s the deal with this character and his items? We’ll tell you more about in our latest Soda Dungeon guide right after the jump.

1. Basic Requirements

Actually, they aren’t so “basic” if you come to think of it, but they’re easy enough to remember. First of all, you have to be in the game’s second dimension, and you also have to have made it past the portal at least once. Secondly, make sure you’ve upgraded your tavern’s kitchen. It’s best to upgrade it as much as possible for best chances of pulling it all off successfully. Also be sure you’ve got enough money for refreshments. The last requirement, aside from all those, is the Beds upgrade.

2. Turn Off Auto Equip

First of all, you have to go to the options menu and turn off Auto Equip. Make sure you’ve done this, because this cheat won’t work if Auto Equip is on. Go inside the tavern to look for Soda Junkies that are seated at a table with food. Keep refreshing till you see those Soda Junkies in your tavern.

3. How To Hire Dinner Boy

Dinner Boy happens to be one of the Soda Junkies, and you’ll want to look for a Junkie with that name. Hire him and you’ll also get his Fork and his Bib. But don’t stop with one Dinner Boy; repeat the two tips above until you’ve got five Dinner Boys for your party. Just be patient, as the character appears once out of every two to four Soda Junkies, and it usually takes quite some time for the first one to appear.

4. Take Advantage Of The Fork

The fork, despite its relatively unintimidating name and connotation, is actually a mighty weapon in its own right. It only has a base attack of 20, but you also get a sure chance of a critical hit of 600 percent. And we’re sure you know the deal with critical hits – they make for some awesome attacks, especially if you’re rich in attack relics. The Bib, on the other hand, is Dinner Boy’s armor, but unfortunately, it wouldn’t do you much good; it’s the fork that you really want to get your hands on.

Just as a warning, Armor Games claims that its next update will nerf the Dinner Boy cheat, reducing base attack to 20, crit hit chance to 75 percent, and crit damage to 300 percent.

Need some more help to progress in Soda Dungeon? We’ve been covering this game in detail lately, providing a handful of tips and tricks for fellow gamers. Now, if you want to earn unlimited gold without hacking, we suggest you to head over to our dedicated article, which contains some nice hints on how to get loads of gold. Also, you may want to check out our Soda Dungeon strategy guide, which includes tips and tricks on how to form a great team and defeat your enemies in the game.

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