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Soda Dungeon Cheats: Advanced Tips & Tricks to Get Unlimited Gold and Essence

Yes, you’ve got to believe it – there’s a second Soda Dungeon cheat that can give you unlimited gold and essence. And it’s better than the one we told you about a few days ago, which is mainly classic time lapsing over and over again. But before we get to that, here’s a backgrounder on the game. Soda Dungeon is a dungeon-crawling adventure RPG that has you playing the rather unusual role of a tavern owner, leading a team of heroes who can bring good business to your establishment by allowing you to upgrade it. And we’ve been covering this iOS title from Armor Games for several days now.

Those are the basics of the game, so let’s move forward and give you that neat new cheat we promised above.

1. Upgrade The Bank

This is the very first thing you should have in order for the cheat to work. You can get the bank as early as Level 1, but you’ll want to upgrade it as highly as you could if that’s the case. The bank’s purpose is to collect up to half your gold, sort of like a storage structure. Upgrade it regularly, as that would allow it to store a lucrative amount of gold. You’ll also need the Magic Well, which can be purchased at the VIP Store; once again, this can convert your gold into essence at the price of 5,000 gold for one unit of essence.

2. Here’s A Twist On The Time Lapse Cheat

So far, Armor Games hasn’t killed the time lapse cheat, and you will indeed to do some tweaking to your phone’s settings if you want to pull this one off successfully. You can call it a time lapse “with a twist,” and that twist is having a lot of gold before you tinker with your phone’s settings. Once you’re sure of that, set your phone’s time ahead by an hour or two, then return to the game for some instant gold.

3. Convert Your Gold To Essence

Once you’ve collected the gold, the you can hit the essence counter at the Magic Well and run it as far as you could. Finally, go to the relics area, and spend the essence on powering up your relics and sodas alike. Repeat this cheat as often as necessary and it will indeed feel like unlimited gold and essence.

Want some more hints for the game? Check out our series of Soda Dungeon tips and tricks, that will help you progress faster in the game. Besides our list of general tips and tricks, we’ve also shared some cool hints on how to unlock the VIP mode. Furthermore, if you need help getting the secret character Dinner Boy, as well as his items, Fork and Bib, you may want to head over to our dedicated Soda Dungeon guide, which explains you how to get them.