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Spelldom Cheats, Tips & Guide: 4 Hints You Need to Know

Spelldom is a completely different kind of iOS word game from what you may be used to. From the get-go, HangZone asks would-be players if they’ve got the “word game skills to raid (their) enemies, build an epic town, and propel (their) team to victory.” Yes, this is a cross between a word game and a strategy game, and instead of barbarians charging in with weapons, your weapons (meaning you and your enemy) will be your words, and it’s your job to spell those words as quickly as possible to penetrate the enemy’s defenses and cast – you guessed it right – spells. And like in other strategy games, you can scamper away with loot and upgrade your defenses as you go along.

With elements of strategy and word games all combined in one game, it may be daunting at first, or at the very least a strange experience for fans of both genres. However, our list of Spelldom cheats, tips and tricks could help you move forward quickly, as you realize that word and strategy games do play quite well with each other.

1. Look For Words Within Your Words

As there are some quests where you have to play more than 20 words before you can attack the Castle, it becomes imperative to play around with the words that you have, and see if you can come up with multiple words within a longer word you’re about to play. For example, the word BEDROOM can be played as BE, BED, ROOM, then finally BEDROOM instead of playing the whole word right away. This is a good technique to use when trying to get a fire out quickly, delay Blue Fire burns, or simply to score a ton of points in little time.

2. Upgrade Your Portal For More Spells

The game will keep getting harder as you move up and discover new towns; these towns have tougher defenses, and that would require you to upgrade your portal even more. Doing that allows you to unlock more spells, which you can then cast on your tougher opponents. But what are these spells and what can they do? One example is the Safety Cloud Spell, which allows you to move over one square on the board, even if it’s defended, without having to worry about taking a hit. Blank Tile converts one tile on your rack to a blank one, and x2 Multiplier, of course, multiplies your points for your words by two.

3. Buy Time With A Blizzard If You’re Burning

Fire Cauldrons would require you to play four words before all your tiles burn off, and that could make some players a bit jumpy. But you don’t have to panic – you can simply hit a Blizzard, which would counter the fire and cancel things out. The ice won’t freeze your tiles, rather neutralizing the fire and allowing you to play those letters like you normally would.

4. Play The Daily Game And Complete Achievements To Earn More Gems

You can earn more of the game’s premium currency (gems) by playing the Daily Game once a day. Keep playing this game on consecutive days, even as it gets harder and harder; at the tenth day, you’ll have a chance to win a whopping 50 gems! You can also focus on completing achievements, as you’ll also get a trophy (aside from a ton of gems) for completing one achievement tier.