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Sniper X Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide to Become the Ultimate Sniper

Glu is well-known for its team-ups with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, but this game features a totally different kind of celebrity – an action star. Sniper X (or Sniper X with Jason Statham) has you teaming up with none other than The Transporter himself, and in this game, your goal is to become “the free world’s ultimate weapon against the forces of chaos and terror.” You’re part of a paramilitary team called SPEAR, and you and Statham will work together to take out terrorists and rogue states “that conventional forces can’t touch.”

So if you’re ready to play this game and enjoy all the action that it promises, we also suggest that you read these Sniper X cheats, tips and tricks. You’ll need them as you not only improve your sniping, but also draw closer and closer to saving the world from evil.

1. Aim For The Head, And Make It Perfect

Just like you would in many other games of this type, you’ll want to aim at your enemies’ heads. Headshots don’t just kill enemies instantly, they also give you cash bonuses. But beyond simply aiming at your enemies’ heads, you should also go for a Perfect Shot. When aiming, make sure the reticle is inside the red lines. Wait for a couple seconds before you see the small white crosshair in the middle of an enemy’s head. Hit that mark right on the dot and you’ll get a Perfect Shot, and some gold – the game’s premium currency – for your troubles.

2. Create Explosions By Shooting The Red Barrels

Another familiar mechanic you probably know from other shooting games is causing explosions by firing at explosive barrels. These barrels are colored red in Sniper X, as they often are, and once you shoot at them, you’ll create an explosion that can kill all nearby targets. As the explosions cover a wide range, it’s completely worth it to successfully shoot a red barrel.

3. Buy The Suppression Upgrade

What does this upgrade do? Putting it simply, the suppression upgrade allows you to fire silent shots. And the more upgrade points you put into the suppression tier, the more silent shots you’ll be able to fire. These shots will serve you well on some missions, particularly the ones with camouflaged snipers; once you hit a suppression shot, you’ll be killing silently without alerting everyone nearby. Just be sure you don’t fire suppression shots at targets who are right next to somebody else.

4. Focus On The Threats

Look for those targets that are specifically marked threat. These are the ones you should be killing before everybody else. But why are they marked as such? In most cases, these “threats” are enemy snipers who can easily home in on you and fire at you. As most of them are positioned on rooftops, you can use suppression shots to take them out.

5. Money Management

Yes, you can earn gold by hitting Perfect Shots, but it’ll take some time before you can buy a weapon that’s truly worth it with your gold. Save up your gold till you’ve got enough to buy a really powerful gun, and use your money to upgrade the guns you currently have. And if you need more cash for upgrades, complete the side missions on top of the main ones. Unlike the main missions, you can replay side missions as often as you want.

Charles Mayo

Wednesday 25th of January 2017

How do i get the folders to unlock top targets?