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Dead Space Tips, Cheats & Guide to Complete More Missions and Stay Alive Longer

Dead Space is an immersive sci-fi horror game by Electronic Arts, which has been out for a while for iOS and Android devices. This is a mobile entry to the franchise of the same name. The game’s features includes stunning graphics and easy controls, though you probably already know these simply by playing the game. And if you’re wondering about the storyline, you’ll be playing as a character called the Vandal, and it’s your ultimate objective to sabotage the Sprawl space station that unleashes the fearsome Necromorphs, who take over the Sprawl but leave you to kill them off in order for you to survive.

Having jogged your memory a bit about this game, we’re now here with some useful Dead Space tips, tricks and hints that any player can follow regardless of where they are in the story.

1. Dismember The Necromorphs

The first, and most important tip is for you to totally annihilate the Necromorphs by dismembering them. Sounds gruesome, but that’s the way your character rolls, and in most cases it won’t be sufficient to merely pepper them with bullets. You want to try to tear their limbs apart instead, as that guarantees that you’re killing them, and not merely wounding them seriously.

2. Be On The Lookout For Necromorphs By Turning

By double-tapping on Vandal, you get to turn him around 180 degrees. This is a useful tactic because it allows you to cover all of the proverbial bases. Those Necromorphs won’t just be charging you from the front; they may also be right behind you or trying to corner you both ways, so make that 180-degree turn to see everything that surrounds you.

3. Reload After Battles

This may sound like a pretty common sense tip, but once you’re done with a battle, make sure you’ve reloaded. Surely you wouldn’t want to enter a new encounter without any ammo in your weapons, right?

4. Don’t Hit Bellies Of Pregnants

One quick tip to remember is to never, ever hit the belly of a Pregnant. You may make this mistake at times or you may shoot one by accident, but regardless of why you shot her, that’s going to unleash Swarms that will then jump onto Vandal and make things really, really uncomfortable.

5. Fuse Your Rig

While it’s great to find a new suit for you to improve power and defense stats, it’s even better to boost your health points by fusing your rig. That means doing so with the power nodes, which you’ll find in the cabinets. Finding those power nodes, however, could pose quite a challenge, as the cabinets tend to camouflage themselves in the walls of the Sprawl. Make it a point to find as many power nodes as possible so you’ve got enough to fuse your rig successfully.

Have you come across any other Dead Space tips, tricks or cheats? If you know some game tips that we haven’t included in this article, don’t hesitate to share them with us!