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Sky Gamblers Air Supremacy Tips, Cheats & Guide: 5 Tricks Every Player Should Know

Sky Gamblers Air Supremacy is a blast from the past, having been released as an iOS exclusive three years ago. However, that doesn’t make this Atypical Games title any less fun to play. Back in 2012, it offered console-quality gaming on the iPhone and iPad when virtually nobody else did, as well as different single-player modes. (Dogfight Missions, Survival, Free for All, Team Deathmatch, etc.) This air combat game also boasts of an “extensive” single-player campaign for those who want to progress through story mode, and, for those times, “revolutionary” multiplayer modes.

Perhaps you’ve been playing this game since it was released, but haven’t played it in a while. Or maybe the recent updates for this game have convinced you to download it about three years after it debuted for iOS. Whatever the case is, we feel these Sky Gamblers Air Supremacy tips, cheats and hints will be helpful, either for removing that rust or getting you ready for the game.

1. Let Your Wingmen Handle Things In The Early Missions

Your wingmen can be an invaluable help to you when playing Sky Gamblers Air Supremacy, but it goes without saying that you shouldn’t leave everything up to them. Can’t trust computer AI 100 percent, after all. But if you’re returning to the game after a long spell (think months, even years), or just starting out, you’ll want to have them fly for you in the first few missions and do most, if not all of the work.

2. Take It Easy With Your Movements

When flying planes in Sky Gamblers Air Supremacy, you shouldn’t live up to the game’s name too much. That means you should play it safe when flying, refraining from anything too intense. Being too drastic or dramatic when moving your plane may only have you crashing into some sort of obstacle, ending things for you with no one else to blame but yourself.

3. Monitor Your Radar Regularly

Your radar is there for an obvious reason, and that’s to give you a heads-up if there’s any sort of trouble in the horizon. Don’t take your eyes off of it too often, if at all; you want to follow the above tip and maneuver your plane smoothly, but you also want to look at its radar so you aren’t caught unaware.

4. Using Guided Missiles

Holding down on the missile or burst missile’s button while you’ve got another thumb on the joystick will allow the game’s camera to track the missile, thus making it feel like a guided missile. Up to now, it’s still not sure whether this would allow you to control the missile, but it does seem like this is the case.

5. Regenerating Your Health

If you encounter a situation where your health is running low and/or you’re almost or completely out of flares, you shouldn’t panic. You can regenerate health on your own by landing on one of the landing strips that you may find on your map. Everyone’s going to be out to get you once they notice your health is low, so this is certainly not a situation that you want to be in. Try flying as far away as possible from the other planes; this may take some practice, but when you land and make a full stop, your health will go right back up to 100 percent.