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Lumo’s Cat Tips, Cheats & Guide: How to Ensure Your Cat Stays Napping and the Mice Stay Away

Lumo Development has a new mobile game that might pique your interest if you’re an iOS device owner. Lumo’s Cat, as the game is called, is a unique strategy game, as it has you protecting your sleeping cat from “an onslaught of noisy mice.” There are “hordes of evil mice” out there for you to defeat, and you can make some of the game’s more important decisions with a simple swipe of the finger. You’ve also got the option to name your cat and beat levels as quickly as you can. In terms of the game’s graphics, the best way to describe them would be trippy – for a game where the objective is to make sure your cat stays asleep, the graphics are quite elaborate, and even ‘60s retro-inspired at some points.

Summarizing everything, your goal is to protect your sleeping cat from those noisy mouse, and as far as the mechanics go, there are a lot of tower defense and RTS elements going around here. So without further ado, let’s bring you some useful Lumo’s Cat tips, tricks and cheats that can keep your cat peacefully asleep and keep those mice at bay.

1. Protect Your Healer

Yes, we told you there are tower defense/real-time strategy elements in Lumo’s Cat, and one of your units in this game is the healer. These healing units can only protect your cat while they’re alive, and that means it’s important for you to keep them protected. So how can you go about this? You can try having a lightning unit next to your healer and always ready to blast some mice if they venture too close to your cat.

2. How The Food Dynamic Works

Quite interestingly, food works as a buff or a de-buff, and it all depends on the type of food you feed your cat. Using all the buff food available in a level will allow you to get through it just fine, but this might not be a good long-term strategy. As such, try to have some food left over for the harder levels. You can also use de-buff foods on occasion to mix things up, particularly on the easier levels.

3. You Don’t Have To Limit Yourself To Five Units

While there are five unit types in the game, you don’t have to restrict yourself to only five units at the same time. You can spawn them as often as you want by using milk, or whenever their cooldown timers have run out.

4. Practice Your Tap-And-Hold Moves

While still on the topic of units, some of them have abilities that you can activate by tapping and holding. This process, as we’ve observed, is easier said than done, but with a little practice, you’ll learn how to unleash them with quickness and accuracy. Combine these abilities with a move command and you’ll be keeping those noisy mice away from your cat with much greater efficacy. And getting rid of them too, of course!