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Scrap Force Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Defeat the Obliteroids

It’s hot off the press, so to say, and recently launched on the iOS App Store. Scrap Force is a new tactical strategy game for Apple devices (no Android version yet) that comes with some RPG elements. It’s a surprisingly intricate game despite what one can call cartoonish graphics. And as we’ve found out, it’s very addictive as well.

Now, before you start playing the game, we thought we would share some of our Scrap Force cheats, tips and tricks that may help you out if you’re a beginner trying to find your way around.

1. Have A Strategic Order For Your Attacks

One of the first things you’ll learn in this game is that you need to choose the right order when your heroes launch their attacks. Here’s a simple example. If you can’t defeat the other side’s hero in one shot, you may start first by having your hero with the least health attack first, then follow up with heroes who have progressively more health and better stats. Another simple tactical strategy you can employ is to use your front line to deal with the enemy heroes and use your back line to attack their fort.

Another strategic move is to place your lower-health heroes behind the ones with lots of health. That may go without saying as it’s basic RPG strategy, but if you’re new to the genre itself, that bonus tip may help.

2. Focus Your Attacks On The Enemy Fort

It’s a common beginner mistake to focus solely on the enemy’s heroes, but not on their fort. Yes, it sounds like the obvious thing to do, and you shouldn’t overlook the enemy’s heroes altogether. But in most cases, it’s a better idea to do more damage to the fort and only allow your heroes with a strong damage boost attack to fight the other side’s heroes.

3. Take Advantage Of Your Heroes’ Special Skills

All of the heroes in Scrap Force have special skills, but it’s up to you to make use of them in a way that suits your playing style the best, or in a way that would give you an upper hand over the enemy. But what skills are these, pray tell? One example would be Mitch’s Nimble ability, which allows him to move to any square on the board, whike gaining power when friendly Fire heroes are deployed.

4. Grind It Out

As you move further in the game, you may find yourself having difficulty with some of the newer missions. If that’s the case, then you can regroup and return to the missions you had already completed. Keep grinding – that’s replaying missions over and over again – and use the rewards you earn to keep upgrading your heroes.

5. Choose The Right Items

Last, but not the least, strategy will also come into play when you’re choosing the items for your heroes. Always make sure you’re comfortable with these items, and that they serve the purpose of any given mission.