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Afterpulse Tips, Cheats & Strategies: 6 Hints to Become the Ultimate Soldier

Afterpulse is a brand-new iOS game from well-known mobile developer Gamevil, and when we say new, we mean released just this week – at the moment, there’s no version for Android. The premise here is that the Pulse “has changed everything,” as world leaders are warring against each other. The choice is all yours – will you fight for peace or will you dive deep into the war and “ignite the largest armed conflict in history?” In terms of mechanics, this is a console-style first-person shooter for the iPhone and iPad, and you can personalize just about every aspect of your soldier, choose their battle style from several different options, and level him/her up as you progress through the game.

Some early reviews claim that a lot of success in this game can be had through sheer luck, but we beg to disagree. It is possible to become the ultimate soldier, regardless of your objectives. And we can assist with that, as we’ve come up with a list of Afterpulse tips, cheats and strategies for you right here.

1. Follow The Missions And Check The Requirements

As usual, your best bet of getting back on track is to follow the missions. But you should also check all their requirements and complete them accordingly; completing missions can earn you a lot of coins, after all. Some of the objectives may include staying alive for a certain period of time, though it would all differ depending on the mission. Keep those objectives in mind and whether you win or lose the match, you should make it a point to be laser-focused on the mission requirements for best chances of success.

2. Don’t Rush Towards The Crowd

Feeling a little excited and want to charge towards the crowded parts of the in-game world? That, we must say, is a common mistake, though a foolhardy one. It’s a better idea to wait as few seconds first; that gives everyone else a head start over you, and makes it easier for you to kill enemies as their health will usually be lower once you jump into the fray.

Once you’re in that crowded area, you can also shoot everyone that you see. Sure, it may sound like the antithesis of good strategy to shoot indiscriminately. But even if you don’t kill the enemies you see, you may also get assist points for helping contribute to a kill – it’s a consolation prize, but you still get points nonetheless.

3. Stay In Motion

While it can be challenging at first to multitask – that’s moving and aiming your gun simultaneously – you can get this important skill down pat by practicing. Yes, it’s easier said than done, considering the controls you have to deal with, but practice still is the best way to make perfect, or close to it. Be on the move and hit-and-run whenever you could; you’re sure to have some good looks at enemies who tend to stand their ground.

4. Choose The Weapon That Suits You The Best

The game says that there are different “battle styles” to choose from, including Handgun, Shotgun, Assault, SMG, LMG, Sniper, and Rockets. It doesn’t matter what you choose, as long as the style has you in your comfort zone. Try each weapon out when in training mode and you’ll be sure to find something that fits you to a “t.” And speaking of playing in training mode, you’ll want to be there often, so that you can give each of the many weapon/battle styles equal time to try out for yourself.

5. More On The Hit-And-Run Strategy

Remember we told you earlier about employing a “hit-and-run” strategy as you constantly stay in motion? And remember the thing that we told you about multitasking? Those two tips are back with a vengeance, as part of effective hitting-and-running includes reloading and quickly taking cover. You want to face your enemies with a full clip of ammo, so if you sense that you’re about to run out, or even getting halfway there, tap the reload button quickly.

Now this may be hard if you’ve got a plethora of enemies to deal with, but if that’s the case, your best bet is to find a good place to take cover. While you’re taking cover, hit the reload button and return to the action ready to pump some lead into your enemies.

6. Make Your Weapons Better

Speaking in general, you should always make sure that your soldier is always getting better. You may have chosen a weapon and mastered how to use it, but that’s not enough – you can upgrade and evolve your weapons. Consider star rating when upgrading; this means using lower-star weapons to upgrade those with a higher star rating. And also upgrade the weapons you use most frequently; limit this to two weapons so you can still mix things up while focusing on what’s tried and tested in your book.

Do you have other cheats, tips or tricks to share with us for Afterpulse? In case you do, don’t hesitate to let us know!