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Snapimals Cheats: 4 Awesome Tips & Tricks for Building the Best Possible Museum

Snapimals is a new mobile game with an interesting name and an interesting premise. In here, you can discover animals from different regions – Wilds, Arctic, and Dino – and take their pictures so you can build the greatest museum on Earth. You can explore different lands, snap pictures of animals, and build your museum as you venture among the animals and “see what they really do when nobody’s watching,” as the game promises. You can even play games or play music for the animals so you can discover their behaviors and traits – this applies mainly to the Rare and Legendary animals. And of course, you’ll have all the chances you could to upgrade your camera and make it better.

Want to build that great museum and take the best photos possible? Read on, as we’re going to show you just how, through our collection of Snapimals cheats, tips and hints.

1. Know How Pictures Are Graded / Evaluated

There are three things, really, that you want to take into consideration when taking photos, and that’s the size, angle, and position. That would mean making sure that the animal is as close as possible to the camera, and that the animal is actually facing the camera. Now if the animal is sleeping or running, that’s perfectly fine – you’ll get bonus points for that. The same applies if you’re able to snap multiple animals in one photo.

2. Use Your Shots Wisely

The challenge here is managing the amount of film available in your camera per “photo session.” Your film, after all, is akin to your energy in this game. Make those shots count and don’t just tap arbitrarily – tap carefully so you don’t waste any film by taking a picture by accident. You shouldn’t take multiple pictures of the same animal unless it’s part of the goals for a quest, or if you’re trying to get a perfect 10 and haven’t done so yet for that animal.

3. Earn More Coins, Here’s How

There are many ways in which you can earn coins in the game. You can collect them from your museum or from the other amusement facilities in the island. You can also go on additional safaris and take more animal snaps in order to add to your coins. We would advise saving your coins and frequently going on safaris, as that’ll allow you more money to level up your museum and be able to keep more pictures. And as a bonus tip in relation to this one, you’ll be able to unlock new areas once you reach specific milestones in a level; with more areas comes more animals to snap! And before we forget – more perfect 10 photos means more coins too!

4. How To Earn Gems

Gems are the premium currency in Snapimals, and they are typically meant to speed up construction or to purchase more rolls of film. But you wouldn’t want to spend your gems on that unless you’re really in a fix. This is especially true in the early goings, as you won’t need your gems that much for anything, as construction is quick and taking photos is easier.