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Starlit Adventures Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 4 Hints You Need to Know

Rockhead Games’ newest mobile platformer Starlit Adventures is a game that features the Starlits – “kind, star-nosed creatures” that have their own Sibling Star in the sky. These stars would have to burn bright in order for each Starlit to be happy, and that’s where the main premise of the game comes in. Best friends Bo and Kikki are employed as Starkeepers at the lighthouse, which is where Kikki’s Sibling Star is shining. But that changes when the game’s antagonist, Nuru, steals all the stars and “hides them around the world,” making the Starlits sad. It is your goal to find those stars, make those Starlits happy, and complete all 64 levels by defeating enemies and boss characters and solving puzzles. Other features include Endless Tower Mode, and nine suits that each come with their own special powers.

Want to make the Starlits happy once again without getting too frustrated while at it? Like any other platformer, things may get difficult or tricky for you at some point, but Level Winner’s exclusive list of Starlit Adventures tips, cheats and tricks just might help you get out of a bind if you’re in one.

1. Connect Your Game To Facebook

The reason why we’re advising this is because of the sticker packs in the game. In order to trade your duplicates with something your friend has but you don’t, you’ll have to connect your game to Facebook. The social element in this game isn’t as emphasized as it is on others, but there are definite benefits to connecting your game.

2. Grind It Out With New Uniforms

If you want to beat out your old high score or do things you weren’t able to do but should have, you can always replay levels you’ve already completed, but this time using new uniforms. You may have done very well and killed a lot of bad guys with one uniform, but you may have missed out on other parts of the level that contain a lot of goodies. If that’s the case, replay the level with another uniform and you should cover the ground you didn’t cover originally.

3. How To Get Free Tokens

Tokens are Starlit Adventures’ premium currency, and you can get them by filling up your experience bar (by unlocking achievements), then leveling up. It’s as simple as that, and you’ll also be rewarded by getting a bonus stage unlocked, among other freebies.

4. Avoid The Time Lapse Cheat

We’re inferring this from a separate list of Starlit Adventures tips, which stated that a paragraph had “been redacted due to a DMCA takedown notice” from the game’s developer, Rockhead Games. But since that paragraph came after an explanation of the lives system – five to start, wait 15 minutes to regain one life – it’s a safe guess Rockhead wasn’t happy about the mention of the time lapse cheat. Chances are that cheat has already been snuffed out, if it was even there, but we would advise against trying it in Starlit Adventures, so as to help you keep your nose clean.

Have you found any other Starlit Adventures tips or tricks? In case you know additional tips we haven’t listed here, be sure to let us know!

Aurielle hill

Wednesday 7th of August 2019

How do you unlock all the suits plus the golden suits

Justin Mosher

Friday 3rd of November 2017

How to get the ninja suit