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Monster Mountain Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Defeat Your Enemies

Funky Panda has released a new game for the iOS platform called Monster Mountain, which is described as an immersive” RPG where you enter an enchanting world of dark fantasy and go on an astounding journey of skill and wit. Like in other RPGs, you can collect new characters, take part in player-vs-player mode in the arena, and “become the master.” You can make your characters become more powerful by enchanting them, and get engaged in the game’s storyline, where, “in the shadows, man became monster.”

In terms of graphics, this is an anime-styled RPG, and in terms of mechanics, you can form a team of up to four characters, with different events and boss battles also among the features of the game. Since this is an RPG, there are a lot of intricacies in this game that you may have to learn about. That’s why we have come up with a quick list of Monster Mountain tips, tricks and strategies that can ease you in if you’re a beginner player.

1. Be Aware That Position Doesn’t Matter That Much

One of the rather unique things we noticed in this game is that it doesn’t seem to be that important where you place your melee and ranged characters, especially the latter; there doesn’t seem to be any advantage for them when it comes to defense or aiming their shots. But you still would want to give positioning some consideration, so make your melee characters your front liners, due to the fact that they have a little less room to move when attacking.

2. Take Races And Fighting Classes Into Account

Monster Mountain has seven different races and six different fighting classes that you can choose from when creating a character. And when choosing a matchup in battle, you should take these races and classes into account. That means choosing the right character to use when battling a certain enemy.

This also applies when assembling your team – it’s often a good idea to have a versatile mix of multiple races and/or classes. But there would also be times when you would have to tweak things in such a way that you’ll be able to complete a part of the story faster. This may sometimes mean having more of one race/class than what would be considered balanced.

3. Use The Skill Attacks Immediately

Your characters have both normal and skill attacks, and when those skill attacks become available, then don’t hesitate to use them. Some of the skills are actual attacks against the enemy, while others are more on the support side, such as those that would allow you to heal injured party members.

4. How To Get Rare Characters

Like in other RPGs, character rarity is paramount to having a good team. Try to get those rare characters as soon as possible, and try to have as many of them as possible. Typically, crystals (the premium currency) would be able to buy better characters than your coins, but either way, you’ll have a solid chance of getting a rare three- or four-star character. As for your ultra-rares, those five-star characters are normally earned or unlocked simply by playing the game. And don’t be discouraged if your five-star potential characters start off with unimpressive stats; they do have high potential, so make sure to keep them around.