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Gopogo Tips, Cheats & Guide: 4 Hints Every Player Should Know

Gopogo is a brand new platform game (iOS, Android) by Nitrome, where you can join the Pogo gang in a futuristic, sci-fi setting where pogoing, apparently, is against the law. As the name of your gang implies, the Pogo gang breaks all the rules, and that means pogoing over police and their dogs, pogoing over obstacles, and eventually making it to the top. Gameplay is extremely simple, and you can unlock several dozens of characters and complete up to 40 hand-made levels.

It may sound like an easy task to accomplish, as this is a casual game where all you’ve got to do is seemingly avoid cops and avoid obstacles. Now, if you want to complete more levels and succeed in both story and endless mode, you might want to check out our exclusive list of Gopogo tips and tricks.

1. Plan Your Moves In Advance, And On The Fly

It’s essential that you plan your moves in a level, and make those plans right on the spot, thinking of your next move in between your last bounce and the next. This is one of the things that make Gopogo harder than expected for many, but you can make things a bit easier by straightening your pogo in between your bounces, so as to allow yourself (slightly) more time to think of your next move. This is very important especially if you’re just starting out – things may be tricky at first, but with practice, you’ll get more adept at planning your moves in between bounces.

2. Master Your Bouncing Technique

Bouncing is the main mechanic of Gopogo. That means when you’re practicing, you should focus on mastering your bouncing technique. And while it’s true that bouncing is automatic by default, you can control the distance of your bounce, as well as the direction. The farther you slide your finger towards your desired direction, the longer your bounce would be. And when it comes to moving around, we would suggest moving gingerly if you don’t know what’s ahead of you, or if you’re trying to figure out what you should do next.

3. Earn More Money

If you want to get more lives and get more new characters, you’ll need to have more than a little money. That, in fact, should be your main goal in the game – earn more money – and with that in mind, you’ll want to take every opportunity to grab money. At the end of the day, it will be in endless mode where you’ll have the best chance to earn more money – this could also be a good chance for you to practice and gain more lives.

4. Take Breaks

Now, this may sound like a common sense tip, but as this is a platform game, it would be in your best interests to take a rest once you feel your game is suffering. That may be due to fatigue and/or frustration – one bad game could easily lead to another. Take half-hour breaks or so and return the game, feeling fresh and re-energized and all ready to top your highest score.