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Smove Cheats & Tips: 5 Tricks to Get a High Score

Smove from developer OZK has seemingly taken a page from the book of Ketchapp, as the game is a simple, casual title that comes with the all-too-common succinct description “easy to play but hard to master.” And once again, the developer is spot-on with this game description. Yes, it seems like a very simple game, but then again, it’s also quite frustrating to play, and therein lies the addictive nature of Smove. So with that having been said, we’ve compiled a list of Smove cheats, tips and tricks for anyone who knows the frustration of not beating out the highest score.

1. Act Quickly When Collecting Squares

The only time you earn points in Smove is when you collect the square on your device’s screen. And once you collect a square, new squares will appear on the display. Keeping that in mind, don’t waste much time in collecting those squares. Don’t move around too much unless you’ve got no other choice but to move somewhere in order not to be stuck where you are.

2. Watch Out For Multiples Of Ten

Whenever you earn a multiple of ten squares, things will happen in the game that may throw you off if you’re not ready. For one, the color of the screen will shift. Also changing would be the pattern in which the balls fire away at you.

3. What About That Ball Movement?

Elaborating further on how the balls shoot at you, consider this example. Hitting 10 points will have two balls firing at you instead of one. When you reach your 20th point, balls will be firing one at a time, but at different speeds. This would go on for every multiple of ten squares/points, so once again, we advise you to keep your guard up for those changes.

4. Those High Scores Are Fairly Easy To Beat…For Now

No one has come up with a hack for Smove, which means the scores you’ll see on Game Center or on Google Play are very plausible. And it also looks like top scores are still in the double digits; that means if you’re patient enough, you can actually make your way to the leaderboards. The second and third tips will come in very handy, so maintain your focus, get ready for the changes, and don’t give up.

5. Play The Game Without Ads

Once again, we’re at this point where we have to weigh the pros and the cons of playing the game without any advertisements throwing you off. The advantage, of course, is that you can play without distraction if you turn off your device’s Wi-Fi or put it on airplane mode. If you’re chasing a high score, you don’t need any distractions from the game. But if you’re merely “practicing,” or playing casually without a high score in mind, that’s when you can turn on the ads, because that’s the only way the developer can earn money from the game.