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Mortal Kombat X Tips & Tricks: 4 Hints to Get Silver and Gold Rare Fighter Cards

You’ve read the general Mortal Kombat X cheats and tips and learned some of the best ways to get extra souls. Now, we’re going to be dealing with silver and gold rare fighter cards, which we’re sure you’ll want to have when playing the game. But as we always do, we’ll be giving a quick recap of the game for those joining us for the first time. Mortal Kombat X by Warner Bros., is only available on iOS as of this writing, and it combines fighting and card-collecting elements into one exciting mobile title. The fatalities you know and love from the Mortal Kombat franchise will be in there, and so will many of your favorite fighters from versions new and old. So without further ado, let’s talk about those Mortal Kombat X tips & Tricks to get silver and gold rare fighter cards.

1. Buy Kard Packs In The Store

This is as simple as you can get, but the bottom line is that you can go to the in-app store, and buy a new pack of cards in the Kard Pack section with whatever souls you have. (Yes, they spell it with the letter “K” too!) The Kombat Pack assures you of one silver card and two random cards, while the Alliance Pack comes with a random that could either be a silver or a gold card.

2. Buy In The Character Section

Unlike the first option, the Character section allows you to buy silver or gold cards, but this time with coins and (generally) not souls. Scrolling to the right allows you to shop for silver cards, while you’ll find gold cards even further right. Take note that some gold cards cost coins (or koins), while majority will cost you souls.

3. Play In Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode will give you the chance to win a unique featured character, provided you win the battle presented to you. You’ll have to beat all the towers within the specified time, so devote all your energy to Challenge Mode if you plan to go this route.

4. Play The Daily Challenges And Connect Your Game

We had told you previously that doing these gives you a chance to earn extra souls. Likewise, completing a daily challenge or connecting your mobile game to the console version will also give you a chance at a gold or silver rare character card.