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Me Girl Love Story Cheats: 5 Useful Tips to Help You Unlock All Characters

Me Girl Love Story is a quirky 3D dating game from Frenzoo, and right now it’s only available for iOS devices. As a dating columnist, your goal is to unlock all the guys in the game, and that would require writing about your dates, shopping for clothes and going on different assignments. You’ll be dating all sorts of interesting characters, including a barista, a billionaire, and even a knight! So if you need some help unlocking more dudes to date, here are some useful Me Girl Love Story cheats, tips and hints for your reference.

1. Sometimes Logic Is The Name Of The Game

When it comes to your dates, it can sometimes boil down to logic when considering the topics they like to talk about. For example, Mechanics or Street Racers would obviously be interested in cars. And there are also rankings for each of the guy’s interests. In the above example, the Mechanic’s second-favorite topic behind cars is TV Shows; go ahead and choose TV Shows if cars isn’t available. But take note that we said “sometimes” above when talking favorite topics, so with that said, here’s the next tip.

2. Other Times, You Have To Pick Topics At Random

For other guys, it may be less obvious as to what topics they usually discuss. That would require you to choose topics at random and see how they react. If they enjoy talking about it, keep it in mind and choose it the next time it becomes available.

3. Match 3 Mechanics Sort Of Apply When Dating

Me Girl Love Story obviously isn’t a Match 3 game, but the mechanics of those puzzlers still do apply in a way. That’s because it’s always best to go for longer matches of four and above so you can unlock the game’s special tiles. Sometimes you’ll have to repeat boards more than a few times before you reach the three-star level. But if you’re familiar with Match 3 games, then you shouldn’t have a problem with your dates.

4. Start With Easy Quests

You’ll have a lot of quests in Me Girl Love Story, though you will obviously start out with a few. Check each guy’s style rating and always start with the one who has the lowest rating. And as you continue on with harder quests, you’ll unlock more items for your wardrobe. Also, it may get tempting to rush through those quests and try hitting multiple birds with one stone, but that’s where our final tip comes in.

5. Don’t Date More Than One Man At The Same Time

What applies in real life also applies in this game – it’s never a good idea to be dating multiple people simultaneously! But in the context of the game, you wouldn’t want to date more than one guy because unless you’ve got a fantastic memory, you will likely forget what each guy enjoys talking about.