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Tiltagon Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Excellent Tips You Should Know

Tiltagon, a brand new game by Noodlecake Studios, is available for both Android and iOS devices, and it comes with some simple gameplay that can turn really difficult if you get down to actually playing it. The game is named as such because you tilt and fall, and because you’ll have to stay alive by tiliting your phone and your tablet. There are only two difficulty modes here, as you play in both portrait and landscape modes; those difficulty modes, if you’re wondering, are “Hard” and “Hard+.” Sounds intimidating already? Never fear, because the following Tiltagon cheats, tips and hints can help you stay alive, even at Hard+ difficulty.

1. Change The Control Sensitivity If Needed

Everything starts out with the feeling-out process, and in Tiltagon, that’s playing the game a bit to see if the default sensitivity settings work for you. But if you feel the controls are too sensitive or not as sensitive as you’d hoped, then you can head to options and change sensitivity settings. Don’t be afraid to experiment with those settings as you try to find your comfort zone.

2. Turn Off Shadows And Background Graphics

Some players find these to be rather distracting, so if you’re one of them, then there is an option to toggle shadows and background objects on or off. Most likely you’ll be thrown off by these if you’re playing on an older device, where the graphics, minimalist as they are, are a bit too intense for such titles.

3. Don’t Chase The Top Leaderboard Scores

You can always check the leaderboard, may it be on Game Center or Google Play. But if you’re thinking you have a chance at beating the top score, that’s where you’re mistaken, unless you know how to hack Tiltagon. These scores have generally been altered with a hex editor, but since we don’t want you doing that, we’d suggest that you shoot for the scores of those players ranked in the hundreds; at least those ones are realistic enough to beat.

4. Pay $0.99 To Get Rid Of Ads, Or Turn Off Your Internet

Noodlecake, while well-known in the world of casual games, is an independent developer. They don’t have any other way to earn money than by ad clicks, but we also understand that ads can be very distracting. What you can do is to turn off your cellular or Wi-Fi connection or put your device on Airplane Mode so that you can play without ads popping up and destroying your focus. Or you can also pay $0.99 to play without any advertisements. Alternately, you can also watch a video that will allow you to get rid of ads for five minutes.

5. Dealing With Obstacles On Different Difficulty Levels

In Hard mode, all the obstacles in the game will push you off the stage. But in Hard+ mode, your game will instantly be over if you as much touch one of these obstacles. Keep that in mind when dealing with obstacles and you’ll have a better chance of being fine.