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Smash Monsters – World Domination Cheats, Tips & Tricks

A Thinking Ape is the developer behind Smash Monsters – World Domination and unlike the majority of the games we’ve covered so far, this is a MMO-type game that the developer likes to call the “most intense” such title on the market. Smash Monsters has you, as the player, “conquer(ing) rival SMASH agents with your monster army” and defending the city from these agents’ “futile” offensives. But just how futile would those attacks be? It all depends on how well you play the game and we’ve got some Smash Monsters – World Domination, cheats, tips and tricks we’d like you to check out, all to help you improve your in-game strategy and succeed in thwarting the bad guys.

1. About Elements

It’s actually quite simple, even if it can be tricky for some first-timers. Plan your attacks based on the elements, which would mean red beating green, green beating blue, blue beating red. It’s sort of like rock-paper-scissors, in which each of these elements can triumph over the other, though of course, Smash Monsters is more than just that. Once you’ve figured out the element thing, that will give you more damage against the squares you’re targeting.

2. Organizing Your Monsters

Each monster you’ll be controlling has their own skill set, their own strengths and weaknesses. Take all those into account when organizing your team, and be sure that you’ve got an army whose members’ skills complement each other. Then again, you may also want to forgo that general rule when trying to blow up parts of rival cities. As blowing up one piece would create a ripple effect to adjacent pieces, you’ll want to create large combos for maximum damage.

3. Dump Your Common Monsters To Power Up Special Ones

Aside from the “common” or conventional monsters you’ll have at your disposal, you’ll also be able to summon rare and more powerful monsters. This would be done by means of Element X formulas. And once you do have special monsters in your army, what you may want to try is sacrificing your more common monsters. This would allow them to improve their skills and experience levels.

4. Replay Old Stages To Add More Common Monsters

That’s why they’re referred to as “common” – some are figuratively a dime a dozen and can easily be acquired. Replaying levels you’ve already completed would allow you to add more common monsters, which you can then sacrifice in order to level up your rare beasts.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Spend Gold And Sacrifice Monsters If Needed

This would be especially true once a monster has reached max level. You can then transform them, but only through a special formula that would require certain monsters and a whole lot of gold. Don’t hesitate to pull such a move off, as it will be worth your while at the end of the day.

6. Holiday Savings

As Element X formulas typically cost a lot, you can take advantage of the current holiday season to purchase the Holiday Monsters Package. This is a half-price deal, though there are some caveats. Mainly, there’s a possibility you may only get a silver monster in the package, as opposed to the standard Epic Monster package where you’re guaranteed to get yourself a gold monster.