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Island of Mu Cheats: 6 Tips & Tricks to Help You Succeed

If you own an iPhone 4s or iPad 3 you might be familiar with Game Cognition’s new game, Island of Mu. The game is similar in premise to Dragons World and Dragon Story, in the sense that you’ll be training monsters and dragons, improving their skills with magic. If you advance far enough into the game, you’ll also unlock more than a few new islands, and more new challenges to keep you busy if the old levels have burned you out. With that said, here are six useful Island of Mu cheats for new and experienced players alike.

1. Which Habitats Should You Purchase?

You can’t collect any coins until you’ve reached the maximum number of coins per habitat, which means you have to prioritize those habitats that can hold a lot of coins, and load ‘em all up before collecting. The fire habitat would be one type habitat you’d want to focus on, as it can hold up to 5,000 coins before prompting you to collect. Buy a habitat, stop playing before you go to bed, and wake up to a harvest of coins waiting for you when you play Island of Mu in the morning.

2. What If You Can’t Wait Till You Wake Up?

All you have to do is do the often-effective time lapse cheat, which Island of Mu fortunately “supports.” Quit the game, head to your iPhone or iPad’s date and time settings, move the time ahead as far as you want, and return to the game. You’ll have more coins waiting for you, ready to collect, and you can repeat this cheat as often as you want to earn more money quicker.

3. Time Lapse Also Works For Trees And Rocks

You’ll need to eliminate some trees and rocks to free up space on your island, and since you can only do that so often and earn experience points in the process, you can also use time lapse to circumvent this game limitation and collect those XPs quickly and efficiently.

4. Elements Are Like Rock-Paper-Scissors

This is a common principle in games such as Island of Mu when it comes to doing battle. Element one would be able to beat element two, element two can beat element three, but element three can only beat element one. An example of this would be water being the only element that can beat fire.

5. Growing Food

To do this, and to grow more than one type of food, make full use of your gems. Again, time lapse would be your friend here if you want to get more food faster, and you can also use that cheat to get more stone through the refinery. You’ll need all this to convert into magic, which leads us to the final tip.

6. Breeding Your Monsters

As we said, you’ll be using magic to train your monsters and dragons, and with this in mind, be sure your army of monsters has a diverse skill set.