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Slugterra: Slug Life Guide: 4 Tips & Tricks to Master the Game

Slugterra: Slug Life is a Sims-esque simulation type game that is based on the popular TV show called Slugterra. In this game you have a number of slugs who are relaxing in their home and it is your job to take care of them. Slugs can go on missions to earn coins and they can also play games and do activities in their home to earn more experience points and level up. Once you level them up more you will be able to send them on better missions and get better loot.

When you send your slugs on missions they will bring home loot that you can spend on buying new items for their home. They will also bring back additional slugs for you to take care of. Also, if you are lucky they will bring back food for you to feed to your slugs. This will allow you to recharge their energy and earn more coins!

Slugterra: Slug Life requires keen management of your resources and your slugs, so read on for the best tips and tricks to raise your slugs!

1. Craft A Routine

In order to raise your slugs well, you need to level them up. To do so you will have to earn experience points by doing different activities with your slugs. These activities can be done by activating items that you have bought for your slugs to use e.g. basketball, pool table, video games etc. Letting the slugs play around and have fun will increase their level eventually, but in order to make sure you are doing so efficiently there are some things that you need to keep in mind.

Firstly, is that each slug is unique. What that means is that they each have their own personal likes and dislikes. So they will respond better to some activities rather than others. Doing activities that they enjoy will give more experience points, but doing activities that they do not like will mean that you will not gain as many experience points. So you cannot just randomly assign your slugs to activities as that would waste too much time.

The best way to increase your slugs’ level is to note down what activities they like and dislike and build a routine where you rotate all your slugs through their activities. What this does is that it enables you to train all your slugs in quick succession, which will allow all of them to level up together quickly. That way you will be able to send your slugs on even more missions and earn even more coins!

2. Spend Your Coins Wisely

Coins are the main in-game resource in Slugterra: Slug Life and spending them wisely is the key to growing your slugs quickly and effectively. There are two ways that you can earn coins in the game: one is by playing mini-games and the other is by sending your slugs on missions. The main way you will be earning coins is through mini-games because missions take time to complete and are not always available to do.

So once you have earned your coins, the question is what do you do with all of them? What items are the best to spend your coins on to grow your slugs quickly? In the shop menu there are three categories of item that you can spend your coins on: props, food, and training. Props are purely aesthetic modifications for your slugs and do not improve your slugs in any meaningful way and so should be avoided. Furthermore, when you do missions you will sometimes receive props for free, so definitely avoid spending any coins on them.

Next is food. Playing mini-games is important but they will consume your slug’s energy. The only way to recharge a tired slug is by giving it food so it can carry on and play more mini-games for you. Similar to activities, there are some foods that certain slugs like and some foods that certain slugs dislike. So it is good to first experiment a bit with the different food types and see which slugs respond well to different foods. Then when you have discovered the optimal combinations e.g. Infernus likes spicy food but dislikes smoothies, you will be able to save some money on food costs.

Finally, there are the training activities. Your goal is to collect a large amount of slugs so there is no set order that you should buy the training activities in. Just make sure that you play enough mini-games so that you have the money to buy all the training modules you need.

3. Stay On Top Of The Mini-Games

In order to earn coins in Slugterra: Slug Life there are a number of different mini-games for you to play. Here are some tips for the first two so that you can earn a large amount of coins. What you need to remember is that the key in each mini-game is to reach 100 miles per hour, whereupon your slug will transform and the mini-game will be over. Well, not technically over, but transforming makes your slug invincible so the mini-game becomes about how many coins you can grab.

The first mini-game is fairly self-explanatory, just keep falling and earning coins while avoiding mushrooms. But don’t worry too much because you can hit the mushrooms as many times as you like. Hitting the mushrooms won’t kill your slug, they will just slow it down, which means you won’t be able to get as many coins.

The second game is a physics based game similar to Tiny Wings, where you have to tap your finger on the screen to make your slug drop. The key to accelerating in this mini-game is to stay low, focus on the shallow hills and build your speed up. But even if you don’t it is still very easy to reach full speed in this mini-game.

4. Focus On Energy Management

One last thing you need to keep in mind is how much energy each of your slugs has. Playing mini-games actually takes a lot of energy so if you want to earn a lot of coins you will need to set up a rotation similar to the one mentioned in tip number 1.

Basically the general idea is that you will follow tip 2 and figure out which foods are best for your slugs. Then you play the mini-game with each of your slugs and then recharge them with the food that they like the best. This way you will always keep their energy up and you will be able to farm a lot of coins.

That’s all there is to it! If you follow these tips and tricks, then you will be well on your way to raising some powerful slugs in Slugterra: Slug Life!