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Ninja Dude vs Zombies Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a High Score and Unlock More Ninjas

We’ve got more endless gaming for fans of that genre, though unlike most of the endless titles we’ve covered, this one is only available on the Apple App Store/iTunes Store. Ninja Dude vs Zombies is an “endless tap ‘n’ slash zombie clicker,” and your main goal in the game, really, would be to kill as many zombies as you could, simply by tapping on both sides of the screen. Those shurikens will keep flying while you keep tapping, and although the gameplay may seem easy at first, the game warns that the “fast-paced” gameplay does become tricky as you go on. There are also various missions you can complete each day, allowing you to earn gold coins, and you can unlock more than 100 ninja heroes “each with their own features and settings.”

In concept, this game is really simple; there are zombies coming from the left of the tower, and more zombies coming from the right side. But if you really want to have the most success in this game and kill more of those pesky zombies, we suggest reading this list of Ninja Dude vs Zombies tips and tricks.

1. Increase Your Multiplier

If you’re trying to chase someone’s high score, may it be your own high score or one of those scores on Game Center, you’ll want to go for as high a multiplier as possible. Increasing your multiplier, as you may surmise, is done by stringing together combos. This would in turn be done by killing consecutive zombies with your shurikens, or ninja stars; missing one zombie would break your string, same with hitting a zombie who’s below the safe line. Of course, your combo and your multiplier will reset if you do either of those two things. Keep stringing those combos together and you’ll have a high score in no time.

2. Speed Is Good, But Balance Is Better

Your first instinct may be to launch those ninja stars fast and furious, especially if the action is heating up and you need to act as quickly as possible. But there’s a drawback to knocking the zombies too far down, as that might sink your tower faster than usual. That would require you to go with slower taps, so that the tower could go back up. In short, it’s all about balancing speed with caution.

3. How To Earn More Coins

Coins can be earned organically by going through the levels, or they can also be earned by watching ad videos. There are also timed prizes which you can redeem after a round. And when a round is over, your points will be added up to fill the point bar. Filling it up completely would get you a ton of coins as a reward, so play this game as often as possible! Just make sure not to waste your coins on revives. You will be asked to watch a video or pay some coins if you want to continue a round after losing, and you should always opt for the video option if available.

4. How Can You Tell If A Zombie Is Switching Sides?

By carefully looking at the zombies and how they appear, you can map out their next moves, such as whether they’ll be moving left to right, or vice versa. Green zombies will switch about half of the time, while black widows will jump up and move to the side. It’s the latter type of zombie that you want to wipe out as soon as possible, as they’re far more dangerous than their green equivalent.

5. New Characters – Worth The 100 Coins?

This is one of those endless games where you can collect characters and unlock them with your coins, and AdoreStudio claims that each of the hundred-plus ninjas have their own features and settings. But as you’ll find out soon enough after drawing your first new ninja from the gacha (for 100 coins each), all of the ninjas perform in the same way. They will only look different, and so will their shurikens, but they do not have unique skills or weaknesses to speak of. Still, there’s no harm in spending your coins on them, as they’re the only item available for sale in this game anyway.