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Sletters Answers & Solutions for All Levels

Sletters is one of the newer iOS and Android word games out in the market The game’s maker Diverso Games describes it as a “throwback” to some of those iconic word puzzle games that tease your brain and challenge your creativity. You play this game by sliding the letters in any direction (left, right, up, down, diagonally), and doing so until you form the words that show up on a predefined list. There are tons of levels in the game, each of them progressively harder than the last, and your goal here is to work as quickly as possible and avoid hitting a dead end. You can also swap letters if you’re having difficulty of any sorts.

We haven’t completed too many levels just yet, and we’re only done with a couple puzzle packs. But a few answers is better than nothing, right? So with that in mind, we’ve got a beginner’s answer key of sorts – a list of Sletters answers and solutions that covers the first two puzzle packs, and the first 20 levels in the game. If some of the easier levels aren’t too easy for you, check this out and get those easy answers, but don’t read this guide from start to finish!

Sletters Answers & Solutions

You can find a complete list of answers and solutions for Sletters below.

Sletters Level 1 Good Answers

Level 1: Hi
Level 2: Can, You
Level 3: See
Level 4: How, To
Level 5: Play
Level 6: Yes
Level 7: It, Is, Easy
Level 8: Or, Very, Hard
Level 9: But, Swap, Can, Help
Level 10: Try, This, Word, Game

Sletters Level 2 Words Answers

Level 1: Hit, At
Level 2: Man, Who
Level 3: One, Not
Level 4: Got, Say, Up
Level 5: The, Art, Of, Orhtfe
Level 6: Wit, All
Level 7: Cat, Tap, It
Level 8: Once, Make
Level 9: Life, Fact, Good
Level 10: Fit, Put, Sun, Sky

Level 11: Way, Wet, Wise, Wait
Level 12: Live, Song
Level 13: Into, Duty, End
Level 14: Clap, Show, Goal
Level 15: Idea, Save, Four