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Letter Peak Answers for All Levels

Word game master Smart Up is back with another word game for Android and iOS devices, and it’s called Letter Peak. This game is yet another brain teaser/vocabulary builder that is similar to “classic” word crush games, but “more interesting.” It’s as simple as swiping and connecting the letters found on the board, though the game’s maker does try to make things more interesting by calling the game an “anagram word search” game. If simplicity is what you crave for in your word games, Smart Up delivers in this area, and this new game of theirs is no exception.

But with all word games come challenges galore, and some levels may truly seem hard to solve, no matter how often you try swiping and connecting those letters. So if that appears to be the case for you in this game, check out our list of Letter Peak answers and solutions. We’re going to walk you through the first three puzzle packs in the game, so this is a beginner’s answer key, but even the earlier levels come with some challenges in them. Just make sure not to read this as-is, as you wouldn’t want the entire first three puzzle packs spoiled for you, right?

Letter Peak Answers for All Levels

Below you can find a complete list of answers for Letter Peak.

Letter Peak Baby Answers

Level 1. At, Cat, Act
Level 2. We, Dew, Wed
Level 3. It, Pit, Tip
Level 4. To, Top, Pot, Opt
Level 5. He, Hi, Hie
Level 6. On, No, Do, Nod, Don
Level 7. My, Am, Ma, May, Yam
Level 8. Me, Elm, Mel
Level 9. Go, Bog, Gob
Level 10. Pa, Pay, Yap

Letter Peak Kid Answers

Level 1. By, Bay, Baby
Level 2. Add, Dad, Dead
Level 3. Leu, Due, Del, Duel
Level 4. Eve, Vee, Nee, Even
Level 5. Fun, Dun, Fund
Level 6. Age, Ace, Cage
Level 7. Yep, Yes, Spy, Espy
Level 8. Up, Pud, Mud, Ump, Dump
Level 9. Mil, Dim, Lid, Mid, Mild
Level 10. Ill, Ilk, Kill