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Neon Horizon Tips & Cheats: 4 Tricks to Get a High Score

Neon Horizon is a new casual arcade game from Appbox Media, that nonetheless comes with some comparatively advanced graphics for a title in this genre. The game’s maker advertises the title as a retro ‘80s-style game where you can jump, duck, and teleport across the titular Neon Horizon, and unlock seven “unique” characters along the way. The main goal here, of course, is to get the highest possible score, and the game does come with leaderboards, which allow you to compare your score and compete with your friends.

If you’re looking for simple thrills with an “easy to play, hard to master” dynamic, this could be the title for you. But just how do you go about getting that high score and mastering the game? How can you unlock all of the game’s characters, and how can you ensure yourself of success as you navigate the Neon Horizon? We hope to have all those questions answered for you in this quick list of Neon Horizon tips and tricks. They may not be too plentiful in number, but they’re all there to help you master this game faster.

1. One Cube At A Time

You will encounter a lot of portals as you travel through the in-game world, and these portals would tend to divide your cube into multiple cubes, leaving you to control all of them. That means it’s not necessarily a good proposition to enter those portals as it makes things more difficult, and because the multiple cubes are there to throw you off. But if you focus on one cube at a time, you can deal with the portals with less trouble. You won’t need to have all the cubes to succeed in these parts; just having at least one with you should be fine.

2. What Does The Lightning Power-Up Do?

Power-ups are supposed to help you power through the game more easily, right? Apparently, that is not always the case in Neon Horizon. You will see a lightning bolt from time to time in the levels, and if you run into that power-up, your cube will be surrounded by a blue aura, and you will get to move around much faster. For newbies, this may seem like a good thing, but as we have observed, the lightning power-up is a dual-edged sword. You really don’t have anything to gain by moving faster, and with faster movement comes less time to react to the challenges that may come your way. So if you see a lightning bolt in your path, avoid it unless you’ve really familiarized yourself with the game and how to react to certain things.

3. Hold Down On The Screen

As the game instructs you, you have to hold down on your screen and let go in order to jump. That’s all well and good, but there are times when you may get distracted or thrown off and forget about this simple mechanic altogether. You can work around this by constantly keeping your finger down on the screen. This allows your cube to remain as itself, and allows you to ready yourself to jump at any time. With your cube compressed and ready to jump, you don’t have anything to lose, as this is the safer and simpler way to go.

4. About Triangles And New Characters

You wouldn’t be able to unlock new characters unless you have currency, and triangles represent the game’s main form of currency. And once you’ve earned enough triangles, that will allow you to unlock new themes and new characters, which are actually skins for your cube. The game’s description calls these characters “unique,” but in reality, the only thing unique about them is their appearance, as gameplay does not change – this is a skill-based casual game, so do not expect anything more than cosmetic changes!

With that in mind, the only time you should chase the triangles is if you’re after the element of collection and customization. Otherwise, you can just collect the ones that naturally appear in your path, but ignore the triangles that are riskier to collect, such as the ones that appear when your cube splits up.

And that’s all there’s to it. If you know more tips and tricks that we should add to this Neon Horizon guide, let us know in the comment section!