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Pixel Pop Answers & Solutions: Movies, TV Shows, Music, Logos and Games Answers

Looking for a word game that offers something unique as compared to the tons of word/word association games out there in the App Store and Google Play? You might want to check out Pixel Pop, a game from Tapps Games which is a puzzle, a charade, and “just tricking your mind,” all put together in a different kind of word association game. This is a pixel art puzzle where you have to guess the famous movies and characters, singers/bands, TV series, logos, and a whole lot more – the pixels represent the images to guess, and the pop represents what the images are about. It’s a game that will test your pop culture knowledge, and that’s what makes it stand out from the rest of the pack.

Guessing what’s represented on the pixel images may be challenging, even if you fancy yourself as someone familiar with different types of media and pop culture. But fear not, as we’ve come up with a list of Pixel Pop answers and solutions that covers five of the more popular categories in the game. That means all 30 answers for the Movies, TV Shows, Music, Logos, and Games categories, so read on if any of the pixel images aren’t quite familiar to you at first glance!

Pixel Pop Answers Movies

Movies Level 1. Titanic
Movies Level 2. Scream
Movies Level 3. Black Swan
Movies Level 4. Super Size Me
Movies Level 5. Simpsons Movie
Movies Level 6. Tangled
Movies Level 7. V For Vendetta
Movies Level 8. Incredibles
Movies Level 9. Gladiator
Movies Level 10. Tomb Raider

Movies Level 11. Chicago
Movies Level 12. Cast Away
Movies Level 13. PI
Movies Level 14. Kill Bill
Movies Level 15. Titanic
Movies Level 16. Django Unchained
Movies Level 17. Godzilla
Movies Level 18. Godfather
Movies Level 19. Fast and Furious
Movies Level 20. Magnolia

Movies Level 21. Air Force One
Movies Level 22. Talladega Nights
Movies Level 23. Wolverine
Movies Level 24. Top Gun
Movies Level 25. Ray
Movies Level 26. Robin Hood
Movies Level 27. Donnie Darko
Movies Level 28. Green Lantern
Movies Level 29. Twister
Movies Level 30. Austin Powers

Pixel Pop Answers Tv Shows

Tv Shows Level 1. Supergirl
Tv Shows Level 2. Heroes
Tv Shows Level 3. Suits
Tv Shows Level 4. Banshee
Tv Shows Level 5. Nip Tuck
Tv Shows Level 6. True Detective
Tv Shows Level 7. Les Griffin
Tv Shows Level 8. Person of Interest
Tv Shows Level 9. Lost
Tv Shows Level 10. Hannibal