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1 Image: 4 Words Answers for All Levels

1 Image: 4 Words is a mobile game from Jeux de Mots that is as simple as it sounds – you’ve got words and picture clues, and your goal is to find the words that are associated with the picture clue that you see. If you aren’t able to see the picture clearly, you can tap to zoom in and get a closer look. There are some answers that will jump right at you from the get-go, while others can throw you off and really make you think. This is an “addictive new brain teaser” that will keep you thinking, and offer loads and loads of fun with several puzzle packs and “hundreds” of words.

Word association games are relatively easy to learn, but they can also be tricky, as we had suggested above. And keeping this in mind, you may have some trouble with some of the questions that are presented to you. And that’s where we can assist you, as this list of 1 Image: 4 Words answers and solutions comes with answers to the first 30 levels in the game. Read on if you’ve got problems at any point in the game, but don’t read this from start to finish, so as not to ruin the game’s challenge.

1 Image: 4 Words Answers Level 1

Level 1-1. Bracelet
Level 1-2. Stripe
Level 1-3. Balcony
Level 1-4. Kitchen
Level 1-5. Knife
Level 1-6. Chef S Hat
Level 1-7. Salad
Level 1-8. Brick
Level 1-9. Pepper Mill
Level 1-10. Apron

Level 1-11. Fyring Pan
Level 1-12. Soccer Ball
Level 1-13. Jersey
Level 1-14. Referee
Level 1-15. Cleats
Level 1-16. Lawn
Level 1-17. Shorts
Level 1-18. Goal
Level 1-19. Shin Pad
Level 1-20. Convertible

1 Image: 4 Words Answers Level 2

Level 2-1. Steering Wheel
Level 2-2. Ignition Key
Level 2-3. Stick Shift
Level 2-4. Beard
Level 2-5. Shirt
Level 2-6. Parking Brake
Level 2-7. Side View Mirror
Level 2-8. Mushroom
Level 2-9. Tomato
Level 2-10. Grape

Level 2-11. Kiwi
Level 2-12. Mango
Level 2-13. Ginger
Level 2-14. Sweet Potato
Level 2-15. Plastic Bag
Level 2-16. Stage
Level 2-17. Guitarist
Level 2-18. Drums
Level 2-19. Microphone
Level 2-20. Amp