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Slap Shots Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score and Unlock More Characters

Slap Shots is an iOS game from The Frosty Pop Corps that should appeal to fans of sports games who also want to keep things casual – no bells, no whistles, no stats, no fancy features like team management. This is an ice hockey game with simple one-touch controls, and more than 100 characters that may include your favorite cities, foods, and people – you can play as your hometown or your favorite city! And you can also play the game solo, or against other human players – fortunately, this game doesn’t use the oh-so-common catchphrase “real players,” which isn’t inherently wrong, but may throw off some users when it’s used in sports games.

Most of all, this is the game for you if all you’re after is chasing your high score and collecting new characters. It’s a simple, yet addictive game that could really keep you engaged, but if you’re not quite able to beat your high score, or if you always end up losing to the human competition, you can check our Slap Shots tips and hints. Read on, as we will give you a few useful tips that can help you improve your game if you’re having some difficulty with it.

1. Aim Those Shots Carefully

There isn’t too much to figure out when talking about the mechanics. If you’re in single player mode, your character will be spinning around in one place, and the goal will appear at a random location, with your goal being to shoot the puck into the goal. As your character will always be spinning, it’s important that you have to time your shots and wait until the angle is just right so your character can make a good shot. After you’ve got the angle figured out, you will then have to fire the shot with the right amount of power. Weak shots might not make it to the goal, while stronger ones may stray wide left or right. It’s all about combining the right angle with the right amount of power when shooting the puck into the goal.

2. Focus On Both The Goal And Your Player

Once you’re able to make a successful shot, things will then switch around, with your character and goal switching at random. You would typically want to keep scoring goals one after the other, and in order to do this, you should pay attention to both your player and the goal; where will your character be switching to, and where will the goal move to? This will all take place while your player is spinning. Also remember that the distance may change, so you may have to hit a weaker or more powerful shot.

3. How To Unlock More Characters

When you first install Slap Shots, you will start out with the default character, and as you keep completing levels in single-player mode, you will earn coins. Once you’ve got enough coins, you can head to the in-game store and buy new characters. These characters, as the game overview states, include people, and even cities and foods – you can play as Chicago or Los Angeles, for instance, and you can also play as a hot dog. That’s how quirky this game is, but if you come to think of it, none of the characters have differing play styles or specific statistical strengths and weaknesses. This is a casual game, and the folks behind it don’t want to bog you down with complicated features or a mind-blowing amount of stats or attributes.

4. Try Your Luck Against Those Real Players

No, not NHL legends Wayne Gretzky or Jaromir Jagr, as someone commented in the game’s App Store reviews. We’re talking about human opponents, where we would advise you to take it easy and simply play for the heck of it. Then again, there’s an extra layer of challenge here, as both of you will be moving while you’re aiming and firing your shots into the goal. That would require you to act quickly, as missed goals cannot be rebounded, and you’ll have to keep your mind instead on the next shot attempt. Fortunately, acting quickly isn’t exactly required in single-player mode, as we will explain below.

5. Take Your Time

Last, but not the least, the good thing about Slap Shots is that the game does not have any time limit. You can take as much time as you want when trying to make the best possible shot, so don’t rush things if you’re trying to beat your high score. And don’t go too fast either if you’re in a situation where you’ve had one bad game after the other; it may even be better for you to take a quick break from the game and return once your mind, nerves, and fingers are feeling well-rested.

This would be our list of tips and tricks for Slap Shots. Do you know additional hints for the game to improve your high score? Let us know in the comment section!