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Sky Streaker Cheats & Strategies: 5 Tips to Get a High Score

As the name of the game suggests, Sky Streaker is a rather naughty kind of mobile game. It was developed by a rather well-known name in the world of multimedia – Cartoon Network, courtesy of parent company Turner Broadcasting System. Currently available for iOS devices only, Sky Streaker has you controlling Richard Watterson, a man who is determined to break the world record for not wearing pants. Your goal is to keep him one step ahead of the Gumball, lest you break your hot streak. While this game sounds like a very simple and casual title, it can be a bit frustrating to play at times. So with that said, let’s take you to a number of quick Sky Streaker cheats, tips and hints.

1. Don’t Panic When You See Your Family Members

In this game, you’ll notice Richard’s family members chasing after him, but they aren’t that quick in doing so. That means you can take your time in this game, and focus on maintaining your run. As you improve your game, you can start moving quicker, but while you’re getting the hang of things, you also want to earn as many coins as you could.

2. Go Up, Up, And Away

If you’re just starting out, you should, as we said, earn (coins) while you learn. But if you really want to get better in this game and improve on your previous high scores, bear in mind that there will come a time when gathering coins becomes less important than dodging the obstacles. You’ll still be getting coins anyway, as well as power-ups and other special items for your character. Yes, you should “ignore” the coins once you become good enough, but don’t worry – you’ll still be earning.

3. Spend Coins On Power-Ups

Almost all of the power-ups you can buy at the shop can help your character as you go through the game, so don’t be stingy; feel free to spend coins to buy power-ups such as the headphones, which has helped many earn a lot more coins, as well as the eyeglasses and all other available power-ups in this game.

4. Get A Good Rhythm

As you help Richard climb up as high as he possibly could, you will also learn how to develop a proper rhythm when climbing. To do this, you may try counting the number of taps as you climb. That’s multitasking and not everyone can do this right away, but that’s where the final tip for Sky Streaker comes in. And that tip is to…

5. Practice

Yes, we’re talking about practice again. This is a standard tip in casual games, but arguably one of the most useful if you really want to play better, score higher and earn more coins. Sky Streaker can get really addictive, so while you’re still hooked on the game, play as much as you could, but also remember to rest once in a while, especially when you find one mistake leading to another and frustration seeping into your gameplay.