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Munchie Farm Cheats: 6 Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Munchie Farm offers a fresh new take on the classic harvesting or farming game. This iOS title, by East Side Games, puts you in a world where all types of junk food have been banned by the game’s arch-villain, the not-so-subtly named Food Inspector Dick. And as you join the snack rebellion, you’ll be planting Cookie Bushes, Nacho Trees, Weiner Bushes, and a variety of other “guilty pleasures” that you can actually plant in this strange little world. Of course, you’ll have to water your junk food plants and sell them to earn money, and trade commodities with your neighbors. Since we did tell you this isn’t your average farming game, here are some Munchie Farm cheats, tips and tricks to help you manage your junk food farm.

1. Get Free Items For Swatting Wasps Away

Your munchies will regularly be attacked by wasps, and once they feast on your plants, that reduces their happiness. Get rid of the wasps by dragging the swatter over them; once you swat wasps successfully, that’s going to get you some freebies, which may include experience points and storage items for the most part, but fertilizer on occasion. Just wait for the “swipe” sound and when you do, that means there’s a wasp for you to dispose of with the swatter.

2. Complete Quests For Upgrades

The facilities in your munchie farm need to be upgraded, and in order for you to do that, you’ll need specific components, such as boxes, bags, wires, and a lot more. You’ll want to complete Uncle Lloyd’s quests if you want to get enough of these components to upgrade a facility, as he typically gives these components as a reward for successfully completing a quest.

3. Upgrade Utilities To Make Your Plants Happy

Pay attention when the game recaps your available bonuses once you’ve harvested a plant. And bear in mind that there are three growth sources for your munchies – happiness, light bonuses, and water bonuses. Make sure you regularly water your plants, and do so in a timely manner. Less water means less happiness. As for the second and third sources, you also have to upgrade your light bulb and waterer – these are passive bonuses, so you don’t need to worry about doing anything apart from the upgrades.

4. Keep Notifications On At All Times

Once you hit Jelly Beans, which is the third munchie you can plant, wait times will increase to one hour or more. And since you also need to ensure your plants are watered when they have to be, this could require you to be on the lookout at all times. As such, you may want to keep notifications for Munchie Farm on at all times, so the game can inform you when there’s something to be done, such as harvesting a plant or watering it.

5. Plant All Types Of Munchies

Each of the available munchies in Munchie Farm can be levelled up with the proper amount of experience per level; you can also earn more cash from jobs connected to any given munchies. This makes it important to plant all the munchies you could instead of focusing on one munchie alone. Variety is the name of the game here.

6. Earn Money By Completing More Jobs

Your job board should be updated regularly – remember that jobs are the only way for you to earn money in your farm. Check the job board before tapping on the van to do a job, so that way you can see if you’ve got enough munchies to fulfil the job order.