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Power Rangers: UNITE Cheats & Strategy Guide – 5 Excellent Tips to Defeat Villains

Power Rangers: UNITE is a new mobile game based on the classic television franchise and in terms of its genre and platform, it’s a collectible card game for iOS devices. So if you’re an iPhone or iPad user, you’ll be in control of Power Rangers “from all seasons,” and your goal will be to save planet Earth from the nefarious NeroDark. The game allows you to unlock and collect more than 250 cards, may they be Rangers, Zords, Weapons, Abilities, or other types of cards. Since learning the game may be a bit overwhelming, here are some Power Rangers: UNITE cheats, tips and strategies for all the players out there.

1. Know Card Abilities

Unfortunately, Power Rangers: UNITE’s tutorial didn’t really delve much into card abilities, but we’ve done the homework for you. The Agile ability allows you to change the location of such cards after you’ve put them down, and that includes trading places with other cards that have this skill. The Haste skill allows a card to attack once you put it down, Shield ignores the first damage point you receive, and Timer cards discard once the timer reaches zero, with the timer decreasing by one point per turn.

2. Protect Your Front Liners

Always keep in mind that your front row cards will be the first to unleash an attack. Not protecting these cards means that they’ll receive damage from the enemy right away. One way to keep them protected is to ensure you have all front row spots occupied. You can also make sure that your attack power matches that of the enemy – damage is based on the difference between the attack power of both sides.

3. Get Card Packs From Each Universe

There are four Universes in Power Rangers: UNITE – Mighty Morphin, Samurai, Megaforce, and Super Megaforce. So if you’re looking for a versatile deck that can take on any kind of enemy, it’s best to get card packs from each of these four Universes. If you beat certain levels, you can get one card for free, but if not, they’re available in the store for 99 coins per pack.

4. Use The Unstoppable Force Card To Hit Directly

Want to damage your opponent even if they’ve got their defenses covered? Go with the Unstoppable Force card. It has to be played in the back row as it’s a support card, and once it’s there, the card in front will be able to attack directly even when face-to-face with an enemy card. With that in mind, it’s best to place the Unstoppable Force card right behind one that has a high attack rating.

5. Activate Your Card Powers

If you want to check if your cards have special abilities, tap once on them. And if they do, take note that activating powers or abilities would often cost you power points. However, other times you can do that for free. In addition, Megazord cards won’t be able to attack normally if you’ve already used their powers, so remember that when activating their powers.