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Cinderella Free Fall Cheats: 5 Essential Tips You Need to Know

Cinderella Free Fall is an official game based on Disney’s new Cinderella live action film. If you’re looking at the photos and the blurb on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, where it is readily available, you’ll notice that it’s a puzzle game where you play as the most iconic princess of all time. Creating longer lines than the usual three would allow you to unleash Wish Magic for powerful effects, and once you connect jewels in a circle, you’ll have a chance to release even more exciting combos. The game comes with 100 levels all in all and you can get power-ups in the form of Cinderella’s animal friends. So how can you score higher and complete levels with three-star ratings? Check out the following Cinderella Free Fall cheats, tips and tricks to find out how you can succeed in this game.

1. This Isn’t Your Standard Match 3 Game

Perhaps since everyone and their cousin seems to be releasing a Match 3 game of some sort, Disney did away with this oh-so-common mechanic and created a game similar to LINE Disney Tsum Tsum, or even Two Dots. That’s why you can make circle combos on larger boards.

2. Speaking Of Circles…

Actually, dragging your finger to form a circle shape around matching pieces is one of the most effective ways you can clear the board of more pieces. That’s because circle combos, or “line loops” clear all tiles in a single line, and with that in mind, this might be a bit challenging in smaller boards. But in the bigger boards, you’ll want to do this as often as possible.

3. You Still Get Special Tiles For Big Matches

Just as you would in other mobile puzzlers of a similar nature, you can get special tiles if you take care of a certain number of matching pieces. For example, you can create a tile that would wipe out all pieces horizontally or vertically – that’s what the game calls Wish Magic. Updated Wish Magic can clear two lines, and if you clear more than 15 tiles in one go, the Rainbow Butterfly will wipe out all tiles of a specific color.

4. Focus On Your Combos

It may be a Line Loop or Wish Magic or Updated Wish Magic or any other special tile. But if you’re looking to beat a level easily, there’s no better way to do it than by making as many combos as possible. You won’t always get to do that, but if you end up with a good board that’s easy to work around with, then go nuts with the combos.

5. Use The Time Lapse For More Hearts

Each time you fail to beat a level, or even if you quit a level right in the middle of the game, you’ll lose one heart. That makes it important to finish all levels whether you pass or fail. But if you do run out of hearts, using the time lapse cheat works in Cinderella Free Fall. Set your phone’s time ahead by a few hours and you’ll get all your hearts back.

Heather Bayley

Tuesday 24th of September 2019

I want to know why i have to wait 123 hours to get another free spin?