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Snow Roll Cheats: 7 Useful Tips to Get a High Score

Snow Roll is a new endless runner game by Happymagenta, available for iOS devices. In the game your task is to guide your little penguin as he rolls through the snow and tries to avoid obstacles. It’s a casual game that can get very addictive and while it does seem quite simple, you can collect coins and unlock new snowballs as you take your penguin as far as you can take him. So with that said, here are a couple of Snow Roll cheats, tips and tricks to help you achieve higher scores.

1. Use A Two-Handed Technique

It’s all good if you decide to control your snowball using just one hand/one finger, but since you have to move your penguin/snowball left and right to avoid obstacles, it may be easier if you use your right finger when the snowball moves right, and your left finger when it moves left. Many have been able to keep their penguin going for much longer thanks to this strategy.

2. Once You Unlock Your Free Gift, Redeem It

When you redeem your free gift, you’ll get yourself a whole lot of coins quickly, but as you progress in the game, it will become harder and it will take longer to unlock subsequent free gifts. That said, you wouldn’t want to waste time when a free gift is unlocked and available for redemption.

3. Hit The Earn Coins Button When You Could

Check the top of the Snow Roll’s menu and you’ll see a button that says “Earn Coins.” This will be very useful in helping you earn a good number of free coins.

4. But What Can You Get With These Coins?

For the meantime, the only thing you can buy with your coins is extra balls. The good thing is that this game has a lot of extra balls, but the bad thing about the current setup is that spending coins won’t guarantee you a ball. That makes it important not to treat the minigame as an afterthought – stay focused and be sure you’re pointing to the exact glass that contains the hidden ball.

5. Practice As Often As Possible

Like other casual games, regular practice is richly rewarded. The more you play, the more you’ll be able to improve your game.

6. Switch Balls For Each Gaming Session

The extra balls available to players don’t seem to have much of a difference in terms of abilities, but some have claimed that there are some balls that actually result in better runs. Feel free to experiment with different types of balls as you change them up per Snow Roll session.

7. Stick To Straight And Narrow Lines

The objective of Snow Roll, as an endless runner, is to keep your penguin and the snowball he’s on going for as long as possible. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to keep your movements as straight and narrow as possible to avoid wiping out earlier than expected.