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Sky Girls Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Become the Best Flight Attendant

Being a flight stewardess may look glamorous since you get paid to fly all over the world, but it can be tough. Available on iOS and Android, Sky Girls gives you the chance to experience the life of a stewardess, and all the perks that come with it. There will be time for fun, and there will be frantic times as well. Buckle up and prepare for a crazy adventure in the skies! If you need some help, check out our Sky Girls tips and tricks, and make sure you get the best out of your stint as a flight attendant!

1. Take Care Of Your Look

One of the reasons a lot of people think flight stewardesses are glamorous is because they always look awesome no matter what. This game takes that into consideration and makes sure you have the customization options you need in order to look like a real stewardess. Unlock all the aesthetic features so you can create the look you have always wanted. Change it up whenever you can to make sure you always look appealing to your passengers.

2. Brace For Tantrums

Of course, part of your job as a flight attendant is to serve passengers. Different passengers have different personalities but they all have one thing in common. If you neglect them for a long time, they will all eventually throw a tantrum. Prevent this from happening by keeping an eye on your passenger timers. Make sure you serve them all before their timer runs out or you will have some very irate customers on your hands.

3. Prioritize Your Service

Customer service is important in any flight. You will need to stay alert and watch out for your passengers’ needs. There will definitely be a time when multiple passengers are asking for your service. You have to stay calm and focus on who to serve first. It goes without saying that you should serve the ones who asked first. Even if you have a passenger who is closer to you, you should still follow the correct order of passengers to serve. Otherwise you will run the risk of getting overwhelmed by timers running out. Getting overwhelmed will lead to mistakes, and will eventually lead to your failure. Systematically attending to passengers will help you stay calm during service.

4. Know When To Relax

Things can get pretty hectic during your flight but if you don’t know when to relax, you will eventually wear yourself out. Aside from the character customization part of the game, there are still instances when you can slow down and take a breather. Take advantage of those time to avoid getting to stressed over the game. The first part where you can relax a bit is when the passengers leave and you need to clean out the seats. Since there are no passengers that are threatening to throw tantrums, you can take your time in cleaning up. Another instance where you can slow down a bit is when you are taking your passenger to the doctor. Take this opportunity to rest a bit in between angry passengers.

The life of a flight stewardess is fun but it’s also a lot of hard work. Make sure you make it to the top by following the Sky Girls tips and tricks we gave you!