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Not Not – A Brain-Buster Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Get a High Score

Do you want to push the limits of your mental capacity? Not Not – A Brain-Buster is a unique puzzle game for Android and iOS devices. It gives you a series of instructions that are designed to test your logic and mental agility. The mechanics are simple. All you need to do is swipe your character towards the right direction. The tricky part is figuring out in a split second what the right direction is. Things will start out easy but will get increasingly more confusing as you progress. You will need the help of our Not Not – A Brain-Buster tips and tricks if you want to get some high scores without losing your mind!

1. Be Attentive

The game will try to confuse you when giving directions. When you are still starting out, it will just give simple instructions such as “Left” or “Green”. This would mean you just need to swipe left or swipe towards the color green. Later on, it will give you instructions like “Not Left” which is still pretty simple to follow. As you go higher, it will start giving you more complicated instructions like “Not not left” which basically means swipe left. You have to watch out for these mind games if you want to keep progressing.

2. Swipe Fast

Anyone can figure out the instruction if they had unlimited time to make sense of it. What makes this game hard is that you only have a limited time to understand what the instruction is telling you to do. It gets even harder once you are in higher levels as you will be given even less time to swipe. Just keep practicing as you will get used to understanding the instructions if you play more. The more you play, the easier it will be to spot the game’s attempts to confuse you.

3. Use Your Hearts Wisely

It’s not the cheesy advice you think it is. The game allows you to continue playing even after failing a round by spending hearts. You don’t have an unlimited number of hearts to spend so make sure you use it only when it is worth it. Avoid using it when you fail in early rounds since you can easily make it back to that point of the level. Use hearts only when you have progressed far into the level and feel confident that you will be able to make it to the end.

4. Get More Rewards

Who wouldn’t want more rewards? The game gives you a way to claim two rewards in one day if you are able to manage your timing perfectly. You get a reward every 12 hours so that is technically two rewards every day. You can also get more rewards if you play in the endless mode. Try your luck with it once you feel confident in your ability to keep winning rounds.

5. Keep Trying

The game is a good way to train your brain. That means it will only be hard at first. If you keep training your brain, it will eventually get used to figuring out the logic behind the instructions. It will become second nature to you. Not only is this a good way to pass time, it will also help make you more creative in real life.

Give your mind a good exercise with Not Not – A Brain-Buster! Stick to the tips and tricks we shared with you to get high scores!