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Bit Heroes Tips, Cheats & Guide to Tackle the Dungeons

When it comes to games, nothing could ever really beat a classic. Bit Heroes is just what you need if you’re looking for a genuine retro experience. Available on iOS and Android platforms, this game treats you to the perfect combination of old school RPG elements that gamers of all ages love. Take a trip down memory lane as you play turn-based combat in glorious 16-bit graphics. Are you ready to take on over 52 levels of pixel dungeons? Make sure you check out our Bit Heroes tips and tricks first for a bit of help!

1. Aim For Bounties

Bounties are the equivalent of quests in this game. You are given two new bounties per day, and can have up to 10 of them at any given time. Completing these bounties is a good way to earn rewards such as items and coins. Take advantage of this and always aim to complete bounties as soon as you can. The tasks you will be asked to do are pretty straightforward and usually just involve playing the game a certain way so you don’t need to worry too much about how to complete them. Just check your bounties for the day so you know which ones you will be able to complete while playing normally.

2. Conquer The Dungeons

There are dozens of dungeons that you can play in this game. What makes the experience even more unique is that they are randomly generated. You won’t get tired of the same dungeon over and over because it is different each time. That also means you have the chance to get different rewards by playing the same dungeon.

3. Use The Auto Play Feature

Any RPG isn’t complete without grinding. It is a good thing that this game comes with a pretty efficient Auto Play AI. You will normally be able to let it play on its own without worrying too much about dying. Of course, it helps if you are also over powered. You will need to grind a lot so make sure you use this feature so you can passively level up while doing other things. Just choose the highest difficulty level you can complete then turn the Auto Play on. Don’t forget to check the screen from time to time since you will need to tap if you meet a merchant, or if you need to convince a Familiar to join your team.

4. Replay Boss Dungeons

Speaking of grinding, the best levels to grind are the boss levels. If you find yourself unable to progress in the campaign missions, go back to the last boss level that you were able to complete and grind there. Even if there are normal levels above it, you will still get better rewards from the boss level. Keep replaying bosses until you are strong enough to proceed with the campaign missions again.

5. Sweep Dungeons Before Leaving

Every time you complete a dungeon, make sure you sweep every nook and cranny for possible loot. Even if you have already defeated the boss, you can still look around for some treasure. Do not leave the dungeon without exploring it completely. There might still be some goodies lying around that you might have missed while fighting with monsters.

6. Check Weapon Skills

One of the unique features of this game is the weapon skills. Each weapon has its own skill that can be used in battle. Keep this in mind when changing your equipment. Make sure you read a weapon’s skill first before you decide to use it. Some skills are more useful than others, and it all depends on what your playstyle is. It is usually better to stick to a weapon that has useful skills than replace it with one that is stronger stat-wise but has a completely useless skill.

7. Hoard And Use Potions

When you are still starting out, you won’t really have much use for potions. However, as the game progresses, the dungeons will get harder. It would be wise to hold on to your potions and collect as many as you can. You will definitely need them later on once you start facing stronger enemies. Do not be afraid to used them, too. Take a potion whenever your health is below half, or even before that if your opponent is really strong.

8. Invest In Agility

As with most RPGs, you will get stat points to spend as you level up. While stat builds will vary depending on your character type and playstyle, it is generally a good idea to invest some points in Agility. This stat allows you to attack often in battle which is a good way to get rid of opponents quickly before they can deal damage. You can spend points on Power as well, then use leftover points for Stamina. You won’t need a lot of health right away so it’s better to focus on offensive stats first.

9. Hold On To Skeleton Keys

Skeleton keys are used to unlock premium chests that you find in dungeons. Even if you encounter premium chests early on in the game, it would be best to hold off on using your skeleton keys as they are hard to find. The premium chests will have better rewards in higher levels so save your keys until you get to the more difficult dungeons.

10. Join A Guild

Choosing the correct guild to join is a crucial decision in this game. You need to be able to join one that has strong and active members. The reason for that is the game becomes so much easier if you have strong guildmates. You have the option to bring your guildmates along in dungeons so make sure you find ones that can carry you through boss battles. On top of getting dungeon support, you will also be able to earn points when you are in a guild. You can use these points in your guild shop in exchange for some very useful items. Having the right guild can go a long way in this game so join one as soon as you find a good one.

It’s time to wield your pixel weapons and raid old school dungeons in Bit Heroes! Just follow the tips and tricks listed above and you’ll be conquering bosses with ease! As always, if you’ve come across any other tips or tricks, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments!