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Sky: Children Of The Light Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Grow Faster and Complete Objectives

Thatgamecompany, Inc. may not be that familiar with gamers exclusively playing on mobile platforms but since the company’s establishment in 2006, they have made a name for themselves with largely successful titles for the PlayStation and PC. Flow, Flower, and Journey were all successful titles but Thatgamecompany is mostly know for Journey following its achievement of being 2013’s Game of the Year.

Sky: Children of the Light is Thatgamecompany’s fourth and latest game. Although currently available only for iOS platforms, the game will be made available for Android, PC, and console later on. Sitting under the #2 spot of the family games category in the Apple App Store, earning over a million downloads in less than a week after its launch, and maintaining a near-perfect score from user reviews, Sky: Children of the Light promises to be at least as successful as its distant predecessor, Journey. With graphics and background music that makes even idle time in the game a treat on its own, Sky: Children of the Light gives players a solid impression of how much thought and effort were exerted in the conceptualization and development of the game. Even if you have not played Journey and are much into action games or any conventional variants of the RPG genre, a good dive into the world of Sky: Children of the Light is a unique experience that every gamer can enjoy and appreciate.

As a child of light borne into a unique and enchanting fantasy world, you, along with a host of other players around the world, are tasked to rid the desolate lands of darkness and save souls of fallen stars. Each fallen star returned to their rightful constellation brings you to uncover more paths to unexplored realms in search for more souls to save. Puzzles and mysteries abound across all seven realms but you are never required to journey alone as you will find other players scattered across the world and you can help and team up on your travels. Take and spread the light as you uncover candles that provide you with light essences you will need to grow your avatar. Eliminate the darkness scattered across the land and make new friends every step of the way.

There is a quick and easy tutorial available at the start of your journey in Sky: Children of the Light. The basic controls as well as the usual activities you will later engage in will be introduced within the introductory phase of the game. For the most part, Sky: Children of the Light is designed as a game where exploration plays a major role. As such, a good amount of time should be spent exploring its beautifully-crated world and discovering its secrets. After all, the game is designed for a unique and immersive experience where there is little to no pressure imposed as far as game progression is concerned.

By all means, you can just sit idly in the game and enjoy the vibrant animated world around you paired with its perfectly-matched background music. If you have been lost for some time and want to progress your game a little faster, then check out our Sky: Children of the Light beginner’s guide, as we provide tips, cheats and strategies to develop your child of light and complete your objectives.

1. Light Every Red Candle You See

sky children of the light candle

Scattered across the many realms within the world of Sky: Children of the Light are red candles that are easily noticeable when you go on an exploration. These candles may seem randomly situated, but they are actually located in important spots where you may need to do something to progress your game. These red candles actually serve as landmarks to guide players on the correct path towards spirits that need to be rescued as well as other important venues. Beyond serving as a guide, lighting these candles unleash light essences you will automatically absorb, which then can be converted into light tributes that can be collected to earn candles, which is a basic currency in the game useful for a variety of purposes.

It may happen that you will not see these candles normally but it will appear on the top left side of your screen every time you gather light essences. You will also see the amount of candles you have as well as other currencies in the game. Even if it is not visible, just tapping on the upper left corner will reveal it and there are helpful explanations as well on each of the candle types available in the game.

2. Pay Attention To Light Effects

sky children of the light tricks

As the main objective in Sky: Children of the Light is to aid spirits or fallen stars and return them to their respective constellations, you have to be on a constant lookout for these spirits in the form of light outlines in various areas spread across each realm. Although it may only be visible once you get close enough to each of them, progressing with the rescue itself is easy as touching these spirits will basically produce light trails leading to the next step of the process. You will simply have to run to a set of the fallen star’s light traces one after another until you get to the dark stone-like figure that you have to light to set them free.

As you explore the vast realm in search of these spirits, pay attention to unusual light effects as these basically guide you to where a spirit is located. Much like the lens flare in photography, these light effects are actually easily noticeable and can be seen even if you are distant from the awaiting spirit. Simply head on to where the light effects are and you will find a spirit on that location.

3. More Friends Make The Journey Better

One of the predominant aspects of Sky: Children of the Light lies in it being a social fantasy RPG. Although you can very much venture into the game all on your own, the experience of going on adventures, discovering mysteries, and exploring the vast lands with a friend or a group of friends is in itself an amazing experience.

In just a short while following the start of your adventure, you will surely be able to meet numerous other children of light as you travel across the initial areas of the game. As you might notice a candle icon popping up on the screen, you can tap on it, offer a candle as a light tribute to the other player, and become friends once they accept. Likewise, you will receive a similar notification when another player wishes to offer you a light tribute. Don’t hesitate to accept it and earn as many friends in the game as you possibly can.

sky children of the light friends

Once you have earned some friends, you can assign nicknames to each one of them. If you can spare and spend more light tributes for a friend, a variety of new actions such as holding hands as you travel becomes available. While it may seem purely superficial, this is actually useful in taking a friend towards the next goal or objective or wherever you wish to travel to. Although communication in-game is somewhat devoid of conventional systems like voice chat and the like, you can express ideas through various emotes. This can be a useful method of sharing thoughts with friends and other players.

You can venture through most of the areas in all seven realms but there are doors you cannot open on your own as you would need another person to unlock half of it at the same time that you unlock the other half. In case you don’t have friends yet, or if they are all unavailable for the moment, you can call out to nearby sky children by tapping on your character. You can also choose to tap and hold your character for a big call that can be more easily noticed by players in the area. On top of securing an assist with opening doors and similar predicaments, it is also a great opportunity to earn new friends.

On top of having adventure buddies in the world of Sky: Children of the Light, having friends can earn you additional light essences and you can likewise send each of your friends light essences to help them on their journey.

4. Collect Winged Light To Access More Areas

sky children of the light winged light

Beyond gates and barriers that prevent you from accessing certain areas in a given realm, your cape level can sometimes also delimit the areas that you can fly into and explore. As each realm holds several yellow spirits scattered about, be sure to head into each one and save them as you will earn more winged light to upgrade your cape.

Each cape upgrade grants you the ability to soar higher and fly at a longer duration, it may not be as easily noticeable at first, but after a few upgrades, the impact of each enhancement will become greater and you will find that you can fly over previously unreachable areas. Be sure to search for the yellow spirits as much as you would the white ones as each spirit aided contributes to your growth and the game’s overall progression.

5. Return To The Spirits To Unlock Nodes

sky children of the light spirits

Once you have helped an ancestral spirit make it back to their home constellation, you will be able to see them standing close to a tombstone-like structure at the starting area of each realm. You can walk close to each one and tap the icon that pops up to view a tree of nodes that offer a variety of expressions, outfits, and even spells. You need to spend light tributes and hearts to unlock nodes and some can only be accessed by unlocking the previous nodes and completing each set of nodes unlocks a new set of nodes that you can also purchase.

For starters, nodes that require only light tributes are easier to acquire. You can send and receive hearts through daily gifts that require 3 light tributes. To send a heart to a friend, view the constellation at the starting area and tap left or right to see your friends. Tap on your friend and a host of options becomes available at the right side of your screen. Tap the envelope 3 times to put in 3 light tributes and confirm sending it. Tapping on a friend’s icon on the constellation map also earns you light essences once each day.

6. Complete Daily Quests For Extra Rewards

sky children of the light daily quests

At some point in the game, a new NPC will appear close to the portals in the starting hub. Approach him to see the list of daily objectives you need to achieve to earn more light essences and a seasonal candle. Seasonal candles can then be traded for rare outfits only available for a limited time.

Be sure to see the daily quests as an opportunity to venture back into areas you have already explored. It may happen that you have not fully uncovered everything in each available realm and some previously inaccessible areas may now be passable, giving you plenty of opportunities as well to free more spirits and earn more light essences.

Take note that red candles that give off light essences will again do so when you revisit them after some time. As Sky: Children of the Light truly is a game of exploration and adventure, the daily quests simply adds another reason for you to revisit each realm.

And this is where we end our Sky: Children of the Light tips, cheats and strategies. There is still much to explore and discover in this remarkably enchanting game but we hope we have shared enough bits of tips and strategies for you to jumpstart your adventure. If you have your own tips or tricks that you want to share with us, then don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment area!


Friday 29th of January 2021

How do you get the season of rhythm stuff back that someone stole from my account? Ive been trying to figure this out for 5 weeks now :(


Tuesday 1st of February 2022

@Shakira, I'm afraid to say that your cosmetics have not been 'stolen' but simply bugged or glitched. As far as i've seen in my 2 years of playing the game, even if somebody does manage to get a hold of your account, they cannot 'give away' your cosmetics or get rid of them. Please contact TCG and we can see if they can help you :)


Tuesday 30th of July 2019

How do you exchange tehs Adonai candles for currency!? I’ve been trying to find out!


Tuesday 1st of February 2022

@Ninjee, I'm not sure what you mean by "tehs Adonai candles"?