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Silly Walks Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 14 Surefire Hints for Three-Star Levels

The quirkily-named company Part Time Monkey Oy has a new title for iOS gamers, and it’s called Silly Walks. In the words of the company, this game is a “one-tap adventure game where everyday household objects have come to life,” and one where you have to rescue your friends from the bad guy among all those household objects — the evil Blender. The game also allows you play as any one of these unusual characters — a Pineapple, Cupcake, Hot Dog, Noodles, or “as many other characters.” (All in all, there are 10 playable characters.) And as you play, you’ll also have to steer clear from Meat Hammers, Cheese Graters, Kitchen Knives, and other dangers. It’s a truly quirky game, and while the action may be “silly,” it can also be great fun.

Of course, games stop being fun when they become so frustrating to play. You may encounter some times when you couldn’t help but give up on the game for a while, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Join us for this Silly Walks strategy guide, and we’ll walk you through with some not-so-silly tips that can help you beat every level with three stars, defeat the bosses, and rescue your friends from that big bad Blender.

1. Learning The Basics

As we often do, we’ll be telling you a bit about the basic mechanics in this game, the things you need to do to get your character around. First of all, Silly Walks is a one-tap game, as tapping on the screen allows your character to switch the leg it’s standing on, allowing it to move forward. It’s a strange, or should we say silly, way of walking around, but it is what it is. Do not, however, be tempted to move around too fast. This is a game that allows you to take your time in most instances, and that’s especially true in the first few levels of the game. Use those early levels to feel your way around and have a better idea of what you’re doing. Lastly, take note of the challenges you are given at the start of each level. As it is highly encouraged that you complete all the challenges in one go, make sure you’re keeping them in mind so that no time is wasted as you hope to do everything right then and there.

2. Try Playing With Two Fingers

As it could be confusing to determine which foot your character will be using next, it might be a good idea if you use two fingers when playing the game. Align both thumbs on opposite sides of the screen, and play the game in a way that tapping on the left side will allow your character/Foodie to switch to the left foot, and tapping on the right side will allow it to switch to the right foot. Don’t let the quirky motions of the Foodies throw you in a loop; use two fingers, and see what it could do for you!

3. You Can Dash As Early As The First Stage

Interestingly, Silly Walks doesn’t introduce players to the dashing feature until later on in the game, but even with that in mind, you can still dash as early as the first stage. Dashing would mean swiping across the screen, allowing your character to quickly move from one point to another. Bear in mind that dashing works as follows — the direction you move to is based on the direction you swipe, and not on your orientation. You will still be facing the same direction once you’ve completed your dash, so don’t worry about using this move to escape a tight situation, but finding yourself unable to turn the right way to avoid danger.

4. When Should You Dash?

As for the best times when to use this move, we suggest dashing when you’re trying to avoid an enemy who is in hot pursuit, trying to grab far-away items, or ducking to avoid the knives. Don’t overlook the dash, even if you will only see the meter when it’s in the process of refilling. And don’t be afraid to use it in simpler situations, such as crossing a short gap. This means moving from one point to another where there are no pathways to connect them.

5. How To, And When To Go Fast

Yes, it’s true that Silly Walks is a game that allows you to take your time and go at a leisurely pace, especially in the early stages. But there are times when you may need to run, which is done by tapping quickly without any pauses in between. Don’t expect your character to move in a perfectly straight line, due to the fact that he will always be rotating, but don’t worry about the lack of straightness, as the tap-to-run mechanic can be used to your advantage as an evasive maneuver.

That means you should be running or dashing, and not walking if you’re trying to escape an enemy or avoid an obstacle. Use the running mechanic in connection with your dash if trying to get away from an enemy, and use it as a modifier for your timing if you notice an obstacle, or need to move quickly to cover a long distance.

All in all, it could be tricky to infuse some running into your otherwise walking motion. It takes good timing, and a good sense for how things work in the game. So if you want to practice, it’s best to do so in open areas where you aren’t inane danger, at the start of the level, or within the game’s first few levels. Practice where the stakes aren’t high, and you’ll master this useful trick in no time flat.

6. You Can Replay Missions To Complete Unfinished Objectives

Building on what we had told you earlier, all levels in the game come with three missions that will award you with stars once you’ve completed the level. The first mission is to complete the level, while the second and third are purely optional; you may be asked to find hidden objects, or collect tofu cubes. And if you earn enough stars across several levels, you can unlock additional stages in the game.

Fortunately, you don’t need to start from scratch if your character gets killed after you’ve completed an optional mission. In other words, you can replay a level where you weren’t able to complete one or two of the other missions, and still be credited for the mission you completed before dying. To use a basic example, if you passed only the “find hidden lollipop” mission then died, you can replay the level and work on completing the other two missions, including the mandatory goal of completing the level. Then again, finding hidden or hard-to-reach items isn’t always easy, so if you encounter a level where that is asked of you, you’re free to focus on completion, and can always grind to complete any mission you may have failed.

7. All About Tofu: The Game’s Premium Currency

Tofu serves as Silly Walks’ form of premium currency, and you can expect it to be rather hard to find on the levels. Watching an ad video will allow you to earn 50 tofu immediately, but in most cases, the best way to add to your tofu total quickly is to pay real money, which is something you might want to avoid in the grand scheme of things.

Tofu can be used to revive your character in case you get killed at any point in a level — each first revive will cost you 10 tofu. It’s a good idea to spend some tofu if you’re extremely close to completing a level, but be careful not to overspend. Each succeeding revive within a level will cost progressively more as you keep on dying, but there is also a way to avoid spending any tofu — just watch an ad video, and you’re all set!

Another way to spend tofu would be to unlock the later worlds in the game without having to complete the levels in the previous worlds, and without having to pass a certain star requirement. We’re not sure if this would be a wise idea, but if you really can’t wait to unlock new content, it could be worth a try.

There’s another thing you can spend your tofu on, but we’ve decided to talk about it in a separate tip, which we’ll be discussing below.

8. Use Tofu To Buy New Characters

Silly Walks comes with 10 wacky characters for you to collect, and you guessed it right — they all play the same. That’s par for the course for games that can be considered casual, but since we understand that a lot of players like to collect these characters, here’s how you can unlock them — by collecting tofu cubes. All tofu cubes collected, may they be as part of a mission or not, will go to your inventory, so you can gather cubes in a level, exit it, and still have that tofu counted so you can essentially grind to buy those new characters and unlock them.

Each character/Foodie costs 200 tofu to unlock, which essentially means four ads watched, if we are to go by what we had told you in the above tip. Once again, the difference between each Foodie is all cosmetic, so don’t go around expecting any special skills, enhanced stats, or whatnot!

9. Then Again, Cosmetic Could Make A Difference

Although the difference between Foodies all boils down to their physical appearance, some have argued that there are some characters that are better than others. How is this so?

To put things simply, there are some characters that are easy to differentiate based on which direction they’re facing. Try Peppe, for example — this is the pizza slice character in the game, and you may notice that his back is all browned out, while his front is littered with pepperoni pieces. That makes it extremely easy to figure out which way he’s facing. Piney is another easy character to figure out, as you can tell that you’re looking at his back by the straw that sticks out of it. Ramenja is even harder to differentiate than Piney, but still relatively easy compared to the others, thanks to his noodle hair in his left-front side.

10. Don’t Rush To Get Away From The Cutscenes

We get it — cutscenes may oftentimes be important, as they allow players to further understand why they need to do certain things, or know the backstory before embarking on a mission. The cutscenes in Silly Walks are oftentimes important, as they show you key parts of a level or an event. You can tap to fast forward if you’ve already watched them, or if you simply aren’t a fan of cutscenes, but if you tap too much, you may find yourself in trouble fast. That’s because your character will still be rotating while the scene is playing out, and if you keep tapping, he may end up facing the wrong direction. Don’t tap until you’ve established your character’s orientation, especially if you’re dangerously close to the edge of a cliff, or right next to an enemy.

11. Dash And Smash

Dashing, which we had explained above, isn’t just good for allowing you to move faster and shiftier. You could also use your dash move to break an obstacle that’s blocking your way. It won’t happen all the time, but there’s a good chance the dash will do the trick. Just make sure you’re not using your dash too early, because you can only dash so much at any given time, as long as you haven’t purchased the unlimited dash perk from the in-app store.

12. You Can Literally Run Into Some Enemies

Those knives and meat mallets can be difficult to overcome in Silly Walks. And you’ll need to perfectly time the moment you try to walk underneath them, because if they come into contact with you, they may end up slicing you or pounding you into a pulp. Even landing on your character’s tiny little legs is good enough to kill them, but fortunately, there is a workaround for this — running into the enemies instead of trying to run under them. But if you still insist on doing things the hard way, we would advise you to wait until they hit the ground, run into their side so you can be as close to them as you could, and running underneath them the moment they lift up for the attack.

13. Pay Close Attention To The Boss

When it comes to the boss fights, and general tips to keep in mind, we can tell you that you don’t necessarily have to beat some of the bosses in order to complete the level where they appear. On the other hand, they are usually part of the optional challenges, so beating them is strongly recommended when playing Silly Walks! Base your actions on whatever the boss character is doing; study their tendencies as you try to come up with a way to take them down.

14. More Detailed Boss Battle Tips

One good thing about the unexpected “enemies” in the game is the fact that Silly Walks will highlight the things you need to do to get rid of them. For example, you may need to pick up a fire extinguisher, turn off a valve, or remove a plug from its socket. These are simple and straightforward for the most part, as you can simply move toward the object and let your character do the rest. And these aren’t the boss battles we were referring to above — when we say “boss battles,” we mean actual enemies that can attack you.

Your mileage may vary as to whether the vacuum cleaner in level 9 can be considered a boss, as you can simply outrun it to finish the level. But there is another ways to make this easier for you, namely using the green apples you see scattered across the level. Just walk toward one of the apples, then walk around it. That will redirect it to the area between you and the vacuum, though you can alternately roll it toward the vacuum to keep it distracted. (Specifically, the vacuum will pause to suck up and eat the vacuum, buying you an additional second or two of time so you can run away. You can also have the vacuum eat three apples, as that’s going to destroy it.

The key in most of the boss battles is to find the item that can help you beat the bosses, like the green apples we were talking about earlier, or the mallet you need to use against the blender in level 11.