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MU Origin’s Latest Update Promises More MMORPG Mayhem

Released onto mobile platforms last year, fantasy MMORPG MU Origin has picked up plenty of players to populate its war-torn world since. With this fresh update, publisher Webzen has given us a new guild war tournament, a dungeon challenge, a bountiful mini-game and some elemental gems to play with.

Cry Wolf Battle is a daily tournament in which rival guilds level 5 or higher occupy and defend forts from each other. Your guild will glean loot from any victories, but the guild that manages to take over the level 10 fort will win the accolade of being the toughest guild in MU, and have titles to prove it. The level 10 fort battle takes place only on Sundays, so get prepared in advance!

There’s also a new dungeon challenge to tackle. Server Dungeon Cry Wolf (a bit of a mouthful) throws 15 waves of enemies at you, which you must repel to keep the Cry Wolf statue standing. The better the state of your stats by the end, the more you’ll be rewarded with. Rewards come in the form of Zen, EXP and Wolf Dust. If the statue is reduced to rubble, though, that’s the round over.

The new mini-game is modelled after a board game, with tiles that’ll award you with treasure chests, jewels and bonus boss raids if you manage to land on them. You’re given 5 free dice rolls a day, although you can buy more. Good luck!

And last but not least, Webzen has introduced Soul Gems, an evolution of Soul Stones. Soul Gems equip you with different elemental powers, which you can combine and level up to amplify their effects. They can be purchased with Wolf Dust won during Server Dungeon Cry Wolf.

Test out these brand new features by downloading MU Origin for free on Android and iOS.