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Combat Squad (iOS) Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Take Down Your Enemies

Combat Squad is a unique take on the tactical first-person shooter genre. Available on iOS and Android platforms, this game explores the complexities of controlling an entire squad by shifting back and forth between their consciousness. That means you get to experience the first-person view of each member of your team. Of course, there is a lot of competitive play involved so you can’t afford any mistakes, or your entire squad will end up dead. Don’t worry, though, because you can always depend on our Combat Squad ultimate strategy guide in order to achieve victory!

1. Move With Your Team

Combat Squad has several multiplayer modes and this is where it truly shines. Even though you are controlling multiple characters in your squad, you still need to cooperate with fellow players on your team in order to succeed. Stick with them to avoid getting ambushed. Staying close with your teammates will also allow you to gang up on any enemy you encounter. As with any first-person shooter, make sure you stay on the move to make it difficult for your enemies to shoot you.

2. Focus On One Character

Just because you can jump back and forth between the consciousness of your characters doesn’t mean you have to. While it may be fun to try out different characters in battle, it shouldn’t be done for no reason. Avoid switching characters just for the fun of it. Learn the basics first before you try out fancy mind-jumping tactics. Pick one of your characters and focus on mastering him so you will have a definite impact on your team. Feel free to try out the different characters in a few practice games in order to determine which one best matches your style.

3. Look Out For The Red Icon

Combat Squad is pretty generous when it comes to freebies. Watch out for the red icon to appear anywhere on the menu. It is an indicator that you have a few treats waiting to be claimed. There are several different currencies in the game that you need to collect. As a free player, you might be challenged in collecting them by just battling with other players. Make sure you take advantage of every opportunity to pick up a little extra loot.

4. Reload A Lot

The last thing you want to happen is to run out of bullets in the middle of a face-off. Always take time to reload whenever you can so that you do not run out during crucial moments. It takes a couple of seconds to reload and you could easily end up dead if you suddenly need to reload in the middle of an encounter.

5. Step Back And Strategize

If you died and just respawned, take some time to analyze the situation first and come up with a strategy instead of going back in with guns blazing. If possible, wait for another teammate to respawn with you so you can huddle together before heading back to battle. Talk to your teammates and see if you can flank the enemies while they are distracted. Flanking your enemies will make it easier to wipe them out compared to trying to take them all head on.

Fast reflexes and quick-thinking are necessary if you want to survive Combat Squad! Just remember what you learned from our strategy guide and you will surely emerge victorious!