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Piece Out (iOS) Cheats, Tips & Tricks for Solving More Puzzles

Puzzle games have made a strong comeback in the age of mobile platforms. Piece Out is an excellent example of how far the genre has come. Available for Android and iOS devices, this game from Kumobius has taken puzzle-solving to another level. Despite the simple mechanics of lining up blocks, you will find yourself hooked for hours as you slide, rotate, and flip block in order to solve the puzzles. Do not underestimate the complexity of each level or you will find yourself stuck. It’s a good thing you can rely on our Piece Out tips and tricks in order to conquer all those levels!

1. Understand The Symbols

The game rules are simple enough to follow but if you don’t take time to understand them, you will end up making all the wrong moves. The pieces behave differently and you will have to pay attention to the symbols on each of them in order to know how you can move them. There may be more than one symbol on a block so analyze the board before making any move. Check out the list below for the descriptions of what each symbol means.

– Arrow Heads – The arrow heads indicate the directions in which the block can slide. For example, if a block has an arrow head pointing upward and downward, then you can only slide it up and down, and not side to side.

– Circular Arrows – If the block has two arrows forming a circle, then it is a block that can be rotated. Just tap on it to rotate it.

– Shape Outline – A block that has a small symbol on it that resemble its shape, then that block can be flipped. As with rotating blocks, you just need to tap to flip.

2. Use The Trial And Error Method

The good thing about this game is that it is not timed. You won’t be under pressure to come up with a solution right away. You also have no move limit so you can try a whole bunch of things when solving the puzzle. Do not be afraid to experiment because there isn’t any penalty for making wrong moves. Analyze the board and see which blocks fit in which areas of the puzzle. After that you can try every move possible to get those blocks in the right places. Take all the time you need and you will eventually get it right.

3. Don’t Give Up

If you feel like a puzzle is too tough, don’t give up just yet. The game has a tendency to give you several easy levels before sending out a difficult one. That means you will be able to play smoothly again for a few levels if you would just complete that one difficult level. Feel free to use the Undo button as often as you need to.

4. Play The Daily Puzzle

The game gives out a daily puzzle aside from the standard puzzles that are available. The daily puzzle may be a bit harder but it is a good way to practice solving complicated puzzles. If you get stuck, don’t be afraid to use the Hint button. You might feel like it’s cheating but sometimes you just need that one small hint to solve the entire puzzle.

5. Unlock All Puzzles

If you don’t want to get stuck with solving a difficult puzzle and want to be able to play any level you want, then you can unlock everything by paying $0.99. It’s not a lot of cash to shell out and you will have access to any puzzle without having to solve the ones you don’t like. This way, you can pick up the game any time you want and just play a level that fits your mood.

Give your brain a workout and solve all the puzzles with the help of the five Piece Out tips and tricks we gave you!