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Medieval Life Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 9 Hints for Beating All the Monsters

If you’re a fan of RPGs and tycoon games alike, then you may have good reason to check out Medieval Life, a new game from Alphaquest Studios that is only available for Android devices at the moment. The game comes to us from the same company that released Nautical Life, and once again, it blends mechanics from two different genres — tycoon gaming and role-playing games — but this time, focusing on a medieval theme. There are eight unique castles to choose from, over 150 types of furniture, 49 creatures to hunt, seven different weapons, and a day/night system. How far can you go as you build your castle from scratch, customizing it as you go along?

Without a doubt, this is an interesting game, especially for those who are into the above genres we mentioned, and those who probably haven’t played Nautical Life. It’s also a simple game compared to the average RPG, but with that said, that doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park. In fact, there may be a few things you might not be able to get right off the bat. Read on for our Medieval Life strategy guide, where we guide you through the process of beating all the monsters in the game, as well as making the most possible money out of these kills.

1. Start Out With Weapon Upgrades, Not Castle Expansion

Although your first instinct might be to work on building a larger house and buy more items to spiff it up and make it look as fancy as you could, that’s actually not what most are recommending when it comes to the earlier parts of the game. You should remember that there are different creatures for you to defeat, and when we say creatures, we essentially mean monsters — you can’t expect to beat them if your weapon(s) aren’t up to speed!

With that in mind, you should be focus on spending your money on weapon upgrades first and foremost. Once you’ve upgraded it about two to three times, you should have no problem dispatching of enemies in about one to two hits, which should make things go faster and help you move forward in less time. You’ll also end up with more kills, as well as more monsters in your inventory to sell for coins. It’s a good kind of ripple effect, so focus on those weapon upgrades before decorating your castle!

2. You Don’t Need To Beat All The Monsters

Of course, you will encounter monsters that you simply cannot defeat, and that includes monsters that take a great deal of time to beat. Fortunately, the game won’t penalize you for quitting battles, so if you’ve spent several minutes trying to beat a monster, you might as well quit, regardless if you’re behind or ahead. Less time wasted means more money earned!

The exception to the above rule would be whenever you’re up against a monster that’s in the Legendary tier or rarity. Of course, you’ll want to add such a creature to your inventory, but even then, it’s not a bad idea, and not at all discouraged if you want to quit the moment you realize you have no chance of beating that monster just yet.

3. How To Deal With Those Legendary Monsters

Just by their name alone, Legendary monsters are tough cookies, to say the very least. But there are some things you can do to improve your chances of beating them. For example, you should only fight them once you have some special items handy — these items may vary, but they should give you a better chance at winning, provided that you use them at the right time. Go to battle without these items and you’re almost sure to lose in most cases.

4. There Is A Night-Day Mechanic When Hunting

As we mentioned in the game description, Medieval Life has a night-day mechanic, which means things will behave differently depending on the in-game time. And that would also include the monsters you can expect to get while you’re hunting. The daytime monsters are different from the nighttime monsters, and that makes it a smart idea to take note of which monsters can be found when the sun is up, and which ones can be found under the light of the moon. If you need a specific monster to complete a quest (and we will talk about quests below), make sure you’re hunting at the right time of the day.

5. Focus On The Quests

Although you can make a killing by selling the monsters you add to your inventory, you can earn more money by completing quests. This is a more profitable alternative to selling the monsters one by one, so if you want to make more money quickly, you should work on completing the quests — they help you progress faster as well, so it’s a win-win situation for you.

6. Why Should You Invest In Traps?

Medieval Life obviously has several ways in which you can earn money while actively playing the game. But your passive earnings may arguably be more important, as that basically means the game allows you to earn without actually doing anything. So how can you facilitate these earnings? Easy — by investing in traps. The money you’ll need to plunk down in order to get a trap may be of a rather premium amount, but the good thing about buying traps is that you earn money almost immediately. Just be sure you’re always on guard to collect money from the traps as often as you could.

The best advice for setting up traps would be to place them all in the same area. That’s because they seem to earn the same amount of money regardless where you place them. With that in mind, don’t space them apart — bunch them together, so that you can collect that money much faster and easier!

7. The Game Also Allows You To Hunt Fish

We’ve talked about monsters in most of the above-mentioned tips, and these are the creatures you will be hunting for the most part. But you might not be aware of the fact that the game also lets you hunt for fish. If you’re quick on your fingers and tap on a fish the moment it jumps out of the water, you can fight them, collect them, and sell them, much like you could with the actual monsters. But don’t mistake them for weak, defenseless prey — some can give you quite a hard time, so be prepared to put up a fight if needed!

8. Try Your Luck With The Wheel At Frostland

At some point in the game, you’ll unlock Frostland, and once you do, we suggest giving the wheel a try. Travel there, and spin the wheel by using the “Watch Ad” option. By spinning the wheel, you can earn some easy coins without having to exert much effort. Of course, you should also make the most out of your time in Frostland by killing as many monsters as possible and completing those quests!

9. Battle Strategy: How To Win Every Battle Against The Monsters

Now we’re down to the last tip, and this is actually the longest one, as it deals with the all-important topic of battle strategy. How can you assure yourself of a solid chance of beating EVERY monster you come in contact with in Medieval Life?

The first thing to remember when taking on monsters is to take note of the damage your weapon is capable of dealing out. Although you may have the quickness and timing to tap the Attack button when you should be tapping it, none of that is going to do you any good if your weapon isn’t capable of dealing out the right amount of damage to beat a monster.

Should you already have a solid weapon on you, that’s when you can start paying attention to your bar and that of the monster. In specific, focus on the monster’s bar, and hit Attack once you see that it’s at its lowest. But don’t ignore your bar as well; if it’s at maximum level, then you can feel free to launch an attack of your own and do as much damage as possible.

Then again, there are times when playing the waiting game is the smartest thing to do. Although the meter does drop over a period of time, a properly-timed hit could be a game-changer for you if your timing is perfect. Lastly, save your potions for the toughest monsters to beat, specifically the Legendary tier monsters. Potions cost money, and it’s also important that you consider the amount of money you spent on a potion, and the money you can earn in return by selling a monster, before you use the potion in battle to improve your chances of victory.

And this ends our detailed guide for Medieval Life. If you, as a fellow player, know additional tips or tricks, don’t hesitate to drop us a line below in the comment area!