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Road Warriors Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 10 Hints for Dominating Races

Road Warriors is a brand new Android and iOS racing game from Lucky Kat Studios. This isn’t your average racing game. In fact, the game portrays the “most dangerous” form of racing competition you could take part in, as there is only one rule — no prizes if you guessed “there are no rules.” You’ll be in control of Cluck, and as you help him become the best racer in the universe, you can take part in brand-new races that change each day, thrilling “bullet time combat,” and even multiplayer races against friends and other human opponents. There’s also a strong old-school feel to this game, especially in terms of the music and graphics.

The mechanics offer a similar old-school charm, as this game is all about side-scrolling action. But while playing the game might make you feel as if you were back in the ‘90s thanks to its simplicity, there are also some aspects of this new title that you may likely find challenging. But you don’t have to go through those challenges alone, cliche as it sounds — our Road Warriors strategy guide contains all the tips you need if you are ever in a situation where you feel like you can’t move forward anymore. Read on, and try these tips out for yourself!

1. First Things First – Time Your Flips Properly

When playing this game, arguably the most important thing to remember is to make sure you’re timing your flips properly. As a rule of thumb, you should be trying to jump at the end of a hill, instead of merely letting your momentum carry you off the hill before you flip. You want to have a little wiggle room, so be sure you’re letting your momentum move you.

You should also bear in mind that too many flips is not a good idea. Only do the number of flips that you think you can land successfully. And be careful, because if you land on your nose, NONE of the flips you did successfully would count! You won’t even be able to adjust your position to get credit — once you land on your nose, that’s it.

2. Why Else Should You Have Some Momentum Before Flipping?

In addition to what we had told you about, there’s another reason why you should build up some momentum before flipping, and to allow yourself some space to breathe. Flipping and then getting a boost may likely have you crashing toward an obstacle. But if you don’t have any boost, then your ride might end up damaged in the process. More flip boost equals less damage — it’s as easy as that!

3. Go For The First Boost

Although going for a spin jump and getting it right can be quite challenging, there is an easier way to do this — by waiting for the right incline that will give you enough air to work with. Shorter hills may be a good idea, in this case. Successfully doing a spin jump, and getting the associated boost, will make your subsequent jumps look and feel easier, as you’ll have more speed that time.

4. New Day, New Races

The game’s description doesn’t lie when it says new races can be expected at the start of a new day. If you weren’t able to download certain races the first time around, you always have the option to go back and unlock them, and that too applies if you want to do some grinding and replay those races. The catch here, albeit minor, is the fact that you have to watch an ad video to unlock any race in question, but once you’re done watching the clip, you’re good — the race will remain unlocked.

5. How To Overtake Your Opponents

In other racing games, it’s all about being fast, and precious little else to speak of. Not so in Road Warriors — if you’re trying to overtake a series of cars, it’s best to fight them, instead of trying to finesse past them. It is possible to pass these cars without actually destroying them, but that’s obviously risky as it is, as the other cars may choose to fight back the moment they have a chance. Engage the enemy in combat, and destroy them, so that you can confidently look forward to the rest of the race without expecting too much opposition.

6. Your Attacks Also Need To Be Timed Properly

A few tips ago, we told you that it is absolutely important that you time your flips and make sure you’re not doing too few or too many of them. But that’s not the only thing you need to time — you also need to time your attacks properly, and always remember that you are not impervious to damage once you’re transitioning into slow motion. Don’t make the mistake of firing the moment you see crosshairs over an enemy vehicle. If you’re targeting a driver that’s right about ready to cross a path where the terrain may be shifting, or a hill or another incline, you might end up crashing into the hill or losing precious ground. You may even get killed, depending on how you angle your attacks!

Another thing to keep in mind when attacking is to wait until an enemy is on even ground as you are before you go for the attack. Keep your guard up, as some enemies may fire back; these are the ones you need to take out the soonest. You can try shooting ahead of the enemy, which would essentially mean you’re trying to outsmart our outmuscle the other racers.

7. Always Check The Setups Before Equipping Them

With the loot chests you can earn in the game, you can buy any one (or more) of several setups. Do not, however, get too excited and equip those setups right away. You have to make sure you’ve checked the statistical impact before anything else; that means one stat may likely go up, but there may be a couple others that go down. Sometimes, it’s the opposite — a few stats go up, the others go down. Take this into account when comparing setups, and if you still aren’t sure once the comparison is done, you can play around with the setups and equip them for at least one to two races to see which one may suit you the best.

8. Unlock Those Checkpoints

When talking about checkpoints in Road Warriors, you can either pay 100 coins or watch an ad video. It might not be exciting to watch ad videos, and it could take a while for you to earn that way, but at least you’ll be able to save some money and spend that in-game currency instead on the loot boxes. Unlocking checkpoints is the best way to work around any in-game financial issues, but the key here, really, is unlocking every other checkpoint, and not all of them.

That would mean skipping the first checkpoint, and moving on to the second. After that, skip the third and do the fourth, and so on and so forth. This would allow you to balance your coin expenditures, while also making sure you won’t lose a lot of time preparing for the race and and competing in it.

9. Tracks Don’t Change In Design

As we mentioned earlier, Road Warriors offers new races each day. At first, these races are procedurally generated — randomly generated in other words — but after those early goings, everything remains the same. That means you could potentially memorize these tracks without expecting any curve balls in terms of the path or route you need to take. That also includes obstacles and other dangers, so if you’re diligent in memorizing stuff, you’ll know just what to do and what not to do when you replay those races!

10. Don’t Upgrade Starting Parts

Normally, we advise players to upgrade the vehicles and/or items they have, and only buy new ones if you can only be so competitive in your stock vehicle/with your stock parts after they’re maxed out. In Road Warriors, it’s actually the opposite — while you can individually upgrade each of the parts in the game with your coins and scrap metal, it’s a better idea to hang on to your coins and save them for the loot boxes. These loot boxes come with new parts inside, and they have better base stats for the most part — that means upgrading existing parts is actually discouraged, at least as far as common parts are concerned!

Parts are tiered in order of their rarity, and Legendary is the highest of these rarity tiers — so how do you get a Legendary Part? While it’s no guarantee, you might just end up with a Legendary Part as a reward for winning a race for the first time. These parts, as you can possibly imagine, have fantastic baseline stats, and can be made even more powerful via upgrades. Now that’s where it will actually be a good idea to upgrade!

There you go folks! We hope you’ve enjoyed our detailed guide for Road Warriors. If you know more tips or tricks for the game, feel free to drop us a line in the comment section!