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SHUMP Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Complete More Levels

SHUMP may sound funny at first, but once you see how intense the gameplay is, you won’t have much time to laugh about it. This brand new platformer for Android and iOS is all about charging through several levels of bullets, monsters, and bosses. It is half a shoot ‘em up game and half a platformer. You will need to shoot your way through the enemies while making your way up the platforms in order to beat the levels.

There are currently six levels to play through, with 20 different enemies, and 14 bosses who stand in your way. It is pure chaos as you shoot and jump amidst all projectiles and obstacles that are raining on you. There are 11 different playable characters as well, each with different powers to let you change up your play style. If you find yourself struggling to succeed in any of the levels, just check out our SHUMP tips, tricks and cheats for some much-needed help!

1. Master The Basics

shump hints

The controls are simple enough to understand, but in the middle of a chaotic level, it is easy to get lost. One thing you don’t have to worry about is shooting, since your character will automatically do this. What you need to focus on is moving sideways and jumping up the platforms. You will probably notice that the platforms normally have gaps in them, and that enemies fall through the gaps. Keep in mind that once you jump up on a platform, all its gaps will be filled. Pay close attention to the position of the enemies when jumping or you will get trapped once the gaps close.

2. Kill Before You Jump

As we mentioned earlier, the gaps in platforms will close up once you jump up. Make sure you take out as many enemies as you can before you make that leap. You don’t really need to get to the next platform until you are about to get squished, so take your time and kill off as many as you can. Focus on the moving enemies first because they will be able to chase you once they hit the platform you are on. You can then kill off the stationary enemies if you still have time. Don’t forget to pick up the coins on your way up.

3. Beat Bosses To Unlock New Characters

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The first two bosses in the game are for teaching you the ropes, so they don’t really unlock anything. The bosses that come after them will allow you to unlock additional characters. Defeating the snake, frog, bat, bird, fish, seal, hog, and bull will each reward you with a new character. You will be able to get Cleo, Tito, Bert, Tori, Amia, Mica, Troy, and Bill through beating bosses.

4. Choose Your Power Ups Wisely

Power ups give you different benefits, depending on the type that you pick up. Even though they appear randomly on each stage, you are not stuck with whatever is available. The power ups that appear will cycle through the different options until you actually pick them up. That means you just need to wait a bit until it changes into the power up that you liked before getting it. There is no best power up since it all depends on your play style. Feel free to try them all first, then stick to your favorites once you have an idea which one suits you best.

Shooting while dodging and jumping is as difficult as it sounds. Make sure you use our SHUMP tips, cheats and tricks to ensure your success in every level!