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Idle Skies Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Unlock More Aircrafts and Spaceships

Idle Skies is a new clicker game created by Polish developer Crimson Pine Games for Android and iOS devices. This is a unique mobile game due to its educational aspect. The game allows players to explore and discover the development of aircrafts through history. It takes you through different eras in the history of human flight, from the simple balloons of the Pioneers, to the space fighters of the distant future.

Players will be able to develop and upgrade the different aircrafts of each era while learning about the story of how each one came to be. Developing the current aircrafts that you have will allow you to unlock the next age of aeronautics. There are hundreds of years’ worth of technology to go through, and the journey will get increasingly difficult. Make sure you read our Idle Skies cheats, tips and tricks to unlock more aircrafts and spaceships in the game!

1. Upgrade Your Plane Whenever Possible

idle skies guide

One of the good things about Idle Skies is that you don’t have to constantly be tapping on things in order to earn money. An unlocked aircraft will earn on its own, so you just need to wait until you have enough money to upgrade it. Since there isn’t much to do while waiting for the planes to earn money, it would be better if you just wait for your offline earnings. Just close the game out completely then return after a couple of hours to cash in. Spend everything you earned on upgrades then log back out.

2. Multiply Your Offline Earnings, Here’s How

The main reason why earning offline is so much better than actively playing is because of the ad offers. Whenever you log back into the game, you are presented with an offer to double the amount you earned offline in exchange for watching an ad. You can watch up to three ads in a row in order to get eight times the original amount. Just make sure you are connected to the internet before you log into the game. Otherwise, the offers won’t appear, and you will just automatically accept the basic earnings.

3. Say Goodbye To Old Planes

The game only allows you to move forward. That means unlocking a new era will make you lose access to the planes you had in the previous one. Don’t feel bad about losing any progress because the earnings of the new aircrafts are a lot bigger than any of the old planes you had. Just go ahead and upgrade your new planes and keep earning that cash.

4. Spin For Money Boosts

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Once in a while, the game will offer you a chance to spin for a boost. Take advantage of this as much as you can because it will result in double or even quadruple earnings for four hours. Of course, the catch is you have to watch yet another video advertisement for the chance to spin. You will also be offered to gain a 10x boost for 60 seconds, but the long-term boosts are a lot better in terms of total amount earned.

5. Claim Engineers For Faster Progress

Every idle game has a prestige system, and in this one, it is about claiming your engineers. Every engineer you claim will give you a 5% bonus. If you feel like your progress has slowed down too much, feel free to start over with the engineer boost in order to earn even more in your next playthrough. Don’t forget that you can also watch a few more ads on the menu on the right side of the screen. You can get gems or 30 minutes’ worth of earnings instantly if you accept these offers.

It is time to learn about the history of flight while earning a whole bunch of money in Idle Skies! Just follow our tips and tricks above and you will be flying through clear skies!