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Shiloh & Bros Impostor Chase Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Complete Your Tasks or Chase After Your Prey

Shiloh & Bros Impostor Chase is a casual game developed by BBTV where you play as Shiloh and her brothers as they scatter about completing daily activities around their house. However, one of their own is up to no good and threatens to take them down before anything can be done. It is up to you to keep your fellow Innocents alive so that your tasks can be done, or you can play as the Impostor and kill them before time runs out or they complete their tasks.

shiloh & bros impostor chase guide

Although the game is similar to titles like Among Us, it has more in common with games like Freeze Tag, where the player can revive fellow Innocents if they get caught by the Impostor. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for you: if you get caught by the Impostor, it is game over unless you watch an ad to continue. However, this does mean that if you are playing as the Impostor, you do not have to worry about Innocents coming back to life as you go about your business.

Matches are short, and you earn cash whether or not you lose. You can spend your cash to further customize your character and equip power-ups to gain an edge over the AI. Beyond that, there is not much to this game but quick rounds to blow off some time. Stay with us to learn all that Shiloh & Bros Impostor Chase has to offer.

1. Suspicious Trails

Whether you are selected as the Impostor or one of the Innocents, all rounds in Impostor Chase last one minute. Aside from the tutorial matches, you are given a chance to play as the Impostor or one of the three Innocents. Therefore, you only have a 25% chance to start the match as an Impostor, unless you watch an ad to force the Impostor selection to your favor. Despite appearances, matches are exclusively against the AI. Whether you are an Impostor or an Innocent, you control your character via sliding your finger across the screen.

shiloh & bros impostor chase controls

In every match, the Innocents have three tasks to complete before the time runs out or before the Impostor manages to tag them all. These tasks can range from cleaning dirty clothes or watering the plants. To complete these tasks, the Innocents must take control of a related item.

For example, if the current task is to clean up dirty laundry, then an Innocent must take control of the washing machine. Both the items related to the task at hand, and the items the Innocent must take control of to complete said task, are marked on the screen. The tasks to complete are updated as progress is made: if you were assigned to pick up the garbage and you complete it, the game will direct you to another task that one of your teammates is doing.

shiloh & bros impostor chase innocent

Meanwhile, the main goal of the Impostor is to kill all three Innocents before they complete their tasks or before time runs out. As expected, the identity of the Impostor remains hidden to the Innocents until the Impostor tries to attack them. Whether or not his attack misses the Innocents, an indicator briefly appears that points to his general location.

If an AI-controlled Innocent is caught, they are killed and leave a tombstone on their resting place. If the player is another Innocent, he can walk over to a teammate’s tombstone to revive them, allowing them to continue their tasks. If the player gets killed, the AI cannot revive you, and you either wait for the game to end early or watch an ad to get revived on the spot. While matches are short, it can get a bit frustrating if you spawn with the Impostor nearby.

shiloh & bros impostor chase impostor

Regardless of your selected role, you can always find Coins scattered around the map to pick up. Coins are used mainly to purchase cosmetic changes such as additional character skins, hats, and weapon skins for Impostors. Later on, you can unlock temporary power-ups to tip the scales of future matches in your favor.

Winning or losing a match will award you more Coins regardless, but winning a match gives you the option to multiply your earnings in exchange for watching an ad. Rather than a fixed multiplier, Impostor Chase uses a moving slider with different multiplying values, and locks into a value if the player decides to watch an ad.

2. Levelling Up And Lying About It

Winning matches awards you Coins, one of the three currencies you can earn in Impostor Chase. Coins contribute to a progress bar visible from the middle of the screen. There are 10 levels to progress towards and completing all 10 gains you access to a new stage for future matches. Based on our playthrough, your first few matches will take place at Shiloh’s house, while the next stage is on board a cruise ship. Certain ranks also award bonus goodies for reaching them:

  • Completing Level 3 and Level 7 will each reward you a gift containing a random reward of Coins, Stars, and rarely, Gems, the premium currency of Impostor Chase.
  • Completing Level 5 awards a temporary Coin multiplier for your next match.
  • Completing Level 9 awards you a free weapon skin you can equip if you are playing as an Impostor.
shiloh & bros impostor chase customization

Gems are used mainly to purchase cosmetics, such as alternate player costumes, hats, and weapons. While the costumes and hats do help identify the other characters, they are not necessary for game progress and only serve as something for players to spend their hard-earned cash on. With how short matches tend to be, and there being only four “players” maximum at any given time, it is generally quite easy to pick out who the Impostor is if you are playing as an Innocent.

That being said, the small size of the map makes tracking down Innocents as the Impostor easy as well. On occasion, winning a match lets you pick from one of three cosmetics in exchange for Coins, allowing players on a budget to customize their characters to some extent.

Upon reaching around Level 7, you gain access to power-ups you can equip to gain an edge over your opponent(s). All power-ups last for one round but can be purchased multiple times. There are four power-ups in total:

shiloh & bros impostor chase power ups
  • Speed-up: This is a simple boost to your character’s running speed. It is great for chasing down Innocents or running from the Impostor. This costs gold to purchase.
  • Ghost: This turns your character invisible and costs gold to purchase.
  • Magnetize: This pulls any nearby Coins toward you. Unlike the first two power-ups, this costs Gems to purchase, likely because it would be very easy to earn back your spent Coins through pickups and match rewards.
  • Random: This is a random power-up, obtained by watching an ad instead of spending anything.

Power-ups can be equipped or unequipped as needed, so if you are trying to conserve your Ghost power-ups for later, feel free to disable it.

Lastly, Stars are used to customize your character’s bedroom, which is unlocked upon reaching Level 8. Collecting Stars contributes to a gauge that, once filled, access more things to change, such as new beds and other furniture.

shiloh & bros impostor chase bedroom

Since Stars are only obtained as gift rewards, progress to unlock more options is going to be slow, unless you watch an ad or spend some Gems to get more Stars right then and there. Ultimately, it is only there to share your bedrooms with friends and it has no effect on gameplay.

3. Victory Through Elusiveness

Here are some tips to win as many times as possible in Impostor Chase:

  • Keep your eyes on the time: Remember, you only have one minute to complete the match, no matter if you are playing as the hunter or the hunted. Plan ahead and give yourself a trail you can follow.
  • Simple is good: As counter intuitive as this sounds, keeping your character customization to a minimum will make it easier to pick your character out from the other players. As they are guaranteed to spawn with a hat of their choice, going in with little to no changes should make it easier to pick out your character in case they get into a crowd.

Innocent-Specific Tips

shiloh & bros impostor chase gameplay a
  • Indicator alert: This takes note of any indicators that pop-up during a match. Not only do they point to your objectives; they will alert you if the Impostor tries to attack and if one of your teammates die.
  • Keep away: If you know who the Impostor is, know their current locations and stay as far away as possible. Take alternate paths to your objectives, as while the Impostor might whiff their attack, all it takes is one solid hit on your character for the match to end in defeat.
  • Help ‘em up: While they will not return the favor, reviving your fellow teammates makes it less likely for the Impostor to hunt you down, and your teammates may end up winning the round if they were close to completing their tasks.

Impostor-Specific Tips

shiloh & bros impostor chase gameplay b
  • Cornered: If you start the match with an Innocent nearby, try to isolate them before going in for the kill. The AI will still be on alert, but as long as they do not see you killing their teammate, they will be less inclined to run away from you.
  • Interception: The AI is not as sharp as the player when it comes to evading the Impostor. If you are trying to track someone down, take a detour and catch them off guard.
shiloh & bros impostor chase reward

And this concludes our guide to Shiloh & Bros Impostor Chase. We hope our guide lets you win matches back-to-back and unlock more things for customization. If you have any tips or tricks that you would like to share, please let us know in the comments below!